A list of things I can’t text you:

1)I dislike writing love poems. Love tastes bitter, like a curse to my lips. Curses are a grief- hoarding factory.And the scientists are yet to find out a formula to combat grief.

2)My father told me that I am too forgiving. Perhaps that is the reason I pretend to forgive you even when I knew you were lying.

3)I am eccentric, most of the time. I shall never text you when I’m upset. I don’t love you less by doing so but it is my process of dealing with my lovelorn tragedies.

4)You see, once I stop holding onto you, you’ll befriend my silence. I bury dead memories in my silence. It is my way of telling you “leave”.

5)Whenever I am upset, I will ignore your texts. I’ll not talk to you much. I don’t have the courage to be beautiful when I am broken. So I write to keep it to myself.

6)I love magnolias but I love dried roses more. I store the dried petals of red roses between the pages of my diary. It is my way of recalling my broken love story when you leave me.

7)You will understand my hatred only when you’ve felt my love. I can only hate a person I love. My hatred is a helpless prayer, a warrior’s deadly weapon . So, I use it only to bury my blessings.

8)I am not fluent to pronounce my love language for you. My love language is an innocent lover ‘s eyes, a sweet-smelling kiss and a pashmina’s shawl warmth.

9)I still listen to shin chan’s theme music on loop. Please don’t judge me. It is my rescue that way.

10)Stay, please. Letting go is a foreign ritual to me. Don’t leave an unknown custom on my skin. There are already a lot of farewell poems edged on my skin.

  • Indrakshi

2 thoughts on “A list of things I can’t text you:”

  1. It’s so so soooo beautiful ❤️❤️ I truly loved and…I just want some more of this 😊
    Keep up friend ..and ATB ✨

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