LURK | Season-1 | Episode 3: Blast from the Past

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(Jeff’s Narration)

Every day you wake up, freshen up, have breakfast, leave for work, and meet different kinds of people. There are people you hangout, study, and work with everyday yet have no idea who they are once they go home.

The people sitting around to you in a public bus might be a thinking of raping you. The good-looking person you see travelling in a VW Bug might be a serial murderer of his own kind. The charismatic man selling you expensive gems might be the one to kill you and dump your body in the sea. And the person sleeping naked next to you might be the one to make sure that you have no manager.

Lost in my thoughts, I lay there next to Ankita when I felt her hand on my chest as she woke up from her nap in our dim lit room. I came over this morning as she was on an off day today. “You’re up.” I said looking at her. “Yes.” She replied kissing me. This woman is my first love. This was the first time in my life as if I felt amazing looking into someone’s eyes. Especially after last night.

Touching her lips with mine was a really different experience. Especially because it was my very first one and I wanted this to be my forever. The warmth of her fingers on my face and nose felt different. Going through these thoughts about her, as we were slowly losing ourselves in our own foreplay, we were interrupted by her phone ringing.

“What the fuck!” I said as we had to separate and then Ankita went for her phone. “Shit!” She uttered looking at her phone. I didn’t bother much and laid there with my hand on my face. Then I moved my hand and looked at her talking over the phone. How beautiful this brown woman looked. I was thinking about proposing to her soon.

“Hey! Hi!” She said on the call. “How are you?” I heard her talk and smile. “That’s really amazing!” She got excited and I got bit curious about what has happened. “Can’t wait.” She happily said this time with a broader. “Come soon! Bye!” She hung up the call. “Motherfucker! Someone is coming” I thought to myself. Maybe her brother or someone. They would always come to visit her. She got up and took her clothes and ran into the bathroom.

“Looks like you’re about to have guests coming over.” I asked. “No guest! Its Shekhar. You need to leave as soon as possible.” She said from the bathroom. “Now who the fuck is this Shekhar?” Me thinking about whoever the fuck it is. “Who is Shekhar?” I asked her by the time she came out. “You’re still sitting here!?!?! Get up. Wear your clothes and leave. He’ll be here anytime. I don’t want him to see you.” She said in a panic mode. I then got up and started dressing up.

“Who is Shekhar? Why is he coming here?” I asked again as I wore my dress. Ankita turned towards me looking a bit annoyed at my curiosity. “He is my fiancée. He is coming to meet me. Now go!” She almost yelled. “You’re kidding right?” because she sometimes did that playfully.

“Oh God Jeff! Look at my face. Do I look like I’m kidding?” She asked. I could not believe what she had said. It was like lightning struck my heart for the first time. Ankita was the closest one to my heart and I never wanted to let her go. What was happening now was shattering me to my core.

“What the fuck you mean by fiancée?” I yelled back. “Fiancée as in we’re about to get married. Like husband and wife. He was in Dubai. He landed at Hyderabad. He’s on his way. Now will you please get the fuck out?” She said again. “And what about us?” I asked in a lower tone as I felt emotions building up inside me. “What about us? You think just by hanging out together and having sex makes us a couple? You really think I would marry a low-life like you?” she said making me realize she too has been a completely different person the whole time. I never knew her.

“Moreover, I never said I love you or I’ll marry you. You’re cute. Handsome. Good looking. And I love fucking with you. That’s it.” She said in a cool tone. “So, you were just using me while your fiancée was out.” I said in an upset voice. “Oh God! What’s wrong with you!?!?! Grow up!! Okay! Yes. I was using you. If that’s what you think. What else? You want money for the services?” She said folding her hands getting irate.

There was silence around. I just looked at her for a while. I was upset. It was as if the whole event of Deepak getting me terminated was happening with me all over again. “For God’s sake Jeff! Leave. Get the fuck out. And please don’t ever show me your face again.” She yelled again.

had nothing else to say. I just looked down and came out of her house and went and sat on my bike. This woman whom I was falling in love with so madly. This woman with such innocence in her eyes and such brightness in her smile was a manipulative lying and cheating bitch. I loved her. I didn’t know what to do. I just took my bike and moved to a distance from where she could not see me. There were less people at that time of the day, and I didn’t want to be spotted when her fiancée comes around.

After about 15 minutes, I could see another guy with beard and long hairs come to her home and then they both hugged and went inside. The strange part about this was, while I felt my heart being torn into pieces, I never cried over it. There were no tears in my eyes even when I wanted to cry out loud. I couldn’t cry. I never knew why on earth was I like this, but I had no time to find that out. Moreover, I knew Inspector Girish’s Officers were watching me and I didn’t want them to get any suspicion. So, I left the place.

(Police Officers who were keeping an eye on Jeff on Inspector Girish’s Instructions)

“So, what do you think? Is it over?” First one said. “I think so… I’m guessing our guy was serious, but the girl turned out to be a player.” The second one said and they both laughed. “Kids these days I tell you. You really think this Romeo would have been anyway involved in the murder?” He asked. “Not at all. He looks more of a soft-hearted fool to me after what happened today.” the first officer replied and they both laughed about it. Suddenly the phone rang for one of them.

“It’s Girish Sir.” He said before receiving the call. “Good afternoon, sir.” He greeted. “Where are you guys?” Girish said. “We’re at Krishna Nagar Sir.” He replied. “I think I told you to keep a track on Jeff. What the hell are you two doing at Krishna Nagar?” Inspector Girish asked.

“We’re on his trail sir. He was having sex with his girlfriend since morning. Now I think he got dumped and was sitting outside her home. That whore is with someone else now. But I think we’re wasting our time on Jeff Sir. He’s a romantic foolish Romeo sir. Too soft. Went out crying just now. Cannot murder. We have been keeping a check on him but there’s nothing suspicious. We’ll continue if you want us to, but I don’t think we’ll get anywhere with it.” The officer explained the situation to Inspector Girish.

“You don’t need to about his love life. But if you guys are so sure then do one thing. Leave him alone now and go back to Deepak’s Property. The forensics and blood spatters are working there. Just make sure you guys are there with them if they need anything.” Girish instructed and hung up. The two officers then left Jeff’s trail and moved towards Deepak’s home.

(Jeff’s Narration)

It’s a lazy afternoon. Sun is bright but does not burn. It’s really an amazing day for a romantic long drive or a bike ride with your loved ones. And here I was with a broken heart riding all alone on Necklace Road. I just stopped my bike at the side of the road and started smoking. There was a tea stall. “Filter coffee… One… Without Sugar.” I ordered.

As I puffed my cigarette, I aimlessly looked at the Hussain Sagar Lake in front of me. The sound of water flowing is supposed to be soothing to ears but I all I could hear was things Ankita said to me and it was deafening. I still could not get that out of my mind. It kept getting played over and over again till the vendor handed me the coffee.

“Jefferson??? Jefferson Raghav?” I heard someone from behind. I turned around and to my surprise… “Afia??? Afia Naaz??? Prime Meridian School? Batch of 2006-2007 I’m guessing?” I guessed. “Oh my god how have you been?” She came forward and shook hands with me. “I’m all good. How about you?” I replied. “I’m good too. It’s really nice to see you after so long.” She said in an exciting tone. “Ditto.” I replied to her.

Afia and I go way back to my school days when I was in Class 8th. I had to change school after that so never remained in touch with her. Considering the situation, I was glad that this coincident happened today. “I’m really glad to see you all healthy and fine. That was actually unexpected.” She said suddenly. I was a bit surprised. “I didn’t understand what you mean.” I said a bit confused. “You know… After everything that happened.” She and I still had no clue. “How does she know?” I thought to myself as I stared at her.

“I mean everything that happened at school.” She added. “What happened?” I thought of asking but this was getting interesting, and I didn’t want her to know that I wasn’t aware of what had happened. “Well, there are a lot of things that happened. Which one are you referring to?” I asked her. “The one where in you were found blindfolded and beaten up in the boys’ washroom. I think this guy, Ankit Kedia was involved in it.” I remember that bastard. He was a bully from my school. Now a Business Class Page3 Piece of shit. But I was still confused but I needed to act.

“Aah! I remember that. Well! That one was tough. I got over. Thank God. I guess.” I made sure she never gets to know that I still didn’t know what happened. “Hey, listen, I would need to leave because I have a patient coming up to meet me in half an hour. But it was nice meeting you. Take care.” She said as she was about to leave. We exchanged pleasantries and she left.

First Ankita Yesupadam and now Ankit Kedia. Who do I focus on? I needed to know what had happened and why was I found that way in the men’s washroom. So, I began searching for Ankit Kedia. I remember that we travelled in the same bus and he lived somewhere close by. No one liked to be friends with him because of his behavior, so he was always hanging out with our bus driver and conductors. Son of some wealthy businessman.

I decided to go and check if he still lived in the same place where he lived back in the day. But I needed to be careful. Inspector Girish’s officers were behind me. I’m quite sure that they must be watching me right now. So instead of making a move right away, I went back home.

Once I got off my bike, I found a text from Dev Sir on my Phone. “Come see me tomorrow morning. We’ll talk about rehiring you.” He wrote. That message should have brightened my day. I was supposed to feel overjoyed, but I was too upset to feel anything right now. I really needed to see someone die right now. Maybe that would cheer me up.

I freshened up and looked through the window and there were no officers around. “Maybe they have gone for a supper?” I thought to myself. I guess I can use this time to sneak out and check with Ankit Kedia’s place. So, I moved out on foot and walked my way towards where the bus dropped him.

As I moved towards the main entrance of his gated community, I could see that the place looked nothing like how it used to look. They had rebuilt this place and it looked good. At the same time, it made more difficult for me to find out where our guy lived. “Or maybe not.” I said to myself as soon as I found a nameplate on one of the houses which said “Kedias”. Bloody Parasite!

I looked around and no one was watching me. I slowly sneaked my way into the property from the side gate. It was a silent bungalow. There was a huge car right in front of the house. There were windows on either side of the main gate of the house. I carefully peeped from there and didn’t see anyone around. Maybe there was no one at home. I lock picked and entered the home. There was no sound. I guess the house was empty.

I looked around the house and there was no trace of a living thing on the outside. I then moved into a bedroom and that looked like Ankit’s Room. This guy had almost everything a spoilt brat can ask for. I looked around and then I heard water running inside the bathroom. I went close to it and could also hear someone humming inside. “I think its Ankit.” I thought and by the time I could think of how to counter him he was coming out.

The door opened and I could see a fat naked guy coming out. Had a huge beer belly. He threw the towel and walked with no clothes on.

He was not aware that I was hiding right in his closet. He then sat in front of his computer and began playing what sounded like a porn movie. I could see him from the back. The way his hand moved; I could easily make out that he was masturbating. I was glad that no one was inside the house apart from the two of us. Ankit roaming around naked confirmed that for me.

I slowly moved out of the closet and moved towards him. I took the towel that he had thrown on the floor and moved close to him from behind. With a sudden move, I wrapped the towel on his face. He was startled. He started trembling. That was the very moment I started having fun. I loved it when he tried to shout but couldn’t. I could imagine how scared and helpless he felt and trust me I wanted to keep doing that to him. That was really the moment when I no more felt heartbroken or upset or sad about Ankita. I was happy l. I felt so alive. I then choked Ankit till he was knocked unconscious.

I poured water on him to wake him up. “Ahhh!! Who’s it? Who the fuck’s it?” He yelled. Blindfolded and hands tied together on the back of the seat. “Blast from the past! Friend!” I told him. He looked towards his left where I was standing.

“Who the fuck are you? I’ll kill you. You bastard!” He said in a panic. “You never told anyone you watched Gay Porn? You embarrassed?” I said as I had seen his computer by then.

“Shut the fuck up motherfucker! I’ll kill you.” He said. “You also shoot gay porn with kids. I saw your videos on the phone. I used your thumb to unlock it. It was simple. Sorry!!” I said. He was about to say something, but I interrupted… “I always knew that you were a piece of shit. I can kill you with my bare hands here. But you don’t need to worry. I won’t harm you seriously. Neither will I kill you. I just want you to remember something and tell me about it.” I said.

“What is it you need?” He asked. “Prime Meridian School…” I said. “That shithole!” He interrupted me. I slapped him. “Do not talk. Prime Meridian School. You were involved in an incident where you did something to Jefferson Raghav in the Boys Washroom. I want you to tell me what exactly happened.” I said.

“Oh! So, you’re Jefferson Raghav?” He said with a smile. Struggling to get out of the duct tape on his hand. “You still have no idea who I’m and what I can do to you. So better speak up.” I threatened him. “I’m not telling you shit man! Fuck off!” he said. “I had an idea that you’ll be saying that. I have an arrangement for you.” I said and played a video on his computer.

“You can understand your own voice, right?” I said as the video played. I saw Ankit’s mouth opened. I couldn’t see his eyes, but I could feel fear and paranoia getting to him. “I’ve got your videos here. All set already. I just need to press enter and everything will be uploaded.” I said and he started to cry.

“Please don’t do this to me. I’ll die out of shame. My family’s reputation will be destroyed. I’ll tell you everything.” He said. “Then tell motherfucker!” I said and lightly slapped him again. “Okay! I remember you used to be late at your stop and the driver used to get pissed off. One day he did not stop and left. The next day he was beaten up by your father in front of all the kids. He felt humiliated. He wanted to get revenge. I tried to calm him down, but he didn’t. So, I decided to help him with it. He said that he would rape you inside the men’s washroom. He just wanted me to close the door while he does that… I’m really sorry Jefferson.” He said and stopped.

“Keep talking. I’m listening.” I said in a shock as I had no memory of it at all. “I’m so sorry Jefferson… I…” He started crying. “What happened next???” I yelled at him.

“That day I got my phone to school. I had the driver’s number saved. I called him and got him closer as I saw you go towards the washroom. As soon as you went into the washroom, I saw that it was empty and then I signaled the driver to come over. He came running with a black cloth in his hand. It was a lighter one. I would not hurt. He wrapped it around your eyes. He then asked me to close the door and that was what I did. I never wanted to do it, but I let him do whatever made him happy. I didn’t want him to be angry.” Ankit continued.

“I don’t know what happened inside, but I could hear you shouting for a while and then your shouting stopped. I then saw someone coming and I tried calling out the driver, but he didn’t listen. I then left the place and ran away. A lecturer opened the gate, and the Driver was caught and arrested. Later I met him several times and he mentioned that he could not rape you, but he beat you up bad. He was happy about it Jefferson but not me. But he gave my name too. So, I was rusticated. But I didn’t feel good about it Jefferson. I still regret it. I’m really sorry.” He narrated the whole incident.

I listened to every word he said. I knew that Ankit was about to die. But I just had one question. I opened his blindfold and let him look at me. “Jefferson!” He whispered slowly. “Just one question, why don’t I remember anything?” I asked him. “I have no idea Jefferson. But I’m really sorry.” He cried. “You have no idea what you have done with me. You turned me into an abomination. You and that driver need to pay for this. Both of you need to Go.” I told him. He was about to say something, but I didn’t let him talk. I caught him by his hair and then came close to his face. Looked him in the eyes.

“Look at this face. I want you to remember this face as your family burn you to ashes after your death.” I told him. “But you said you won’t kill me.” He cried. “I know… I said I won’t kill you. I’ll stick to that.” I told him. “I’m sorry Jefferson please.” He cried even more.

“I’m about to let the whole world gets to see what exactly you are behind closed doors. A naked fat pig with a small dick who likes to fuck young kids. You’re just like that driver.” I told him. “Please Jefferson. I’ll do whatever you ask me to do.” He begged. I was loving it now.

“Where would I find that piece of shit driver friend of yours?” I asked him. “He usually goes to Pritam Bar almost every night. Please let me go Jefferson. I’m really sorry.” He cried sitting naked in front of me. “Thank you, Ankit Kedia. I’ll see you in Hell.” I said and I pressed enter on his computer and all his videos of child pornography got uploaded right in front of his eyes.

He couldn’t do anything but shout. I went behind him and opened his hands and let him free. I now knew that the only person that he would harm now will be himself and no one else.

There was a loud thud sound after some time. It could have alerted the neighbors. I stayed in for a while and looked from the window but there was no reaction. That was a bit disappointing. I came out of his house, after a while and I still saw no one around.

Ankit’s dead body was laying in that property right in the middle of the garden. I needed to inform the police. I went to a payphone, checked for security cameras, tweaked my voice, put on a fake South Indian accent, and reported the body. I had to choose a different route to go back home. I made sure that I don’t get spotted around. Neither by the people at Ankit’s locality nor by the Police outside my home.

“You’re home finally!” Mom said as she opened the door seeing me all smiles. “Yeah! You’ve got something to eat?” I asked her. “Yes! Dinner is about to get ready. You freshen up. You looked really upset when you came during the afternoon. I hope you’re feeling good now” She said. “Never been better.” I said with a smile.

I had a lot of people to take care of. I still had a lot of unanswered questions. I did not know why I enjoyed the whole process of someone dying in front of me so much. I knew I was a psychopath, but I still have no idea why I was the way I was.

I could not cry easily. I could not feel pain. I just felt upset for a while but then I bounced back. Surprisingly someone’s death would give me that happiness. Someone who had done bad to me or my family. Someone who had harmed me or my family. Be it in the past or present.

I slept happily after having an amazing dinner with my family. Now, I felt happy about going back to meet Dev Sir. I woke up early the following day and then I got ready and reached the office. “Dev Sir called me.” I said at the reception. People coming in would just look in amazement as they never expected me to be there.

The receptionist called him and then asked me to sit outside and wait. I sat there thinking what I need to do next. I needed to take care of the driver, deal with Ankita, and look what exactly is wrong with this man. Here he arrived. It was Ankur. I stood up as soon as he entered the office looking at me. “What the hell are you doing here?”

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