What’s the most beautiful thing about your mom? Her gentle love or her fiery rage? Have you wanted to share something with her but ended up keeping it all to yourself? Yes, I did it as well. This poem is a tiny chronicle of all our lives

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Solving AMOUR !

Mathematics has no generally accepted definition, it is more a mental activity, it is science which is used as philosophy to draw necessary conclusions, and that is how it is similar to amour.

When mathematical equations and love equation is combined toghter to form a life equation, it’s gives resultant of extreme complexity.

This self told story is therefore a journey of girl from late teens to early twenties, portraying, mathematics,emotions & amour.
Which being combined into one formulates an undefined complex illustration of life !

It’s her journey where she cared little but treated others basically well, which gradually constructed her from extrovert to ambivert and finally to introvert.

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