LURK | Season-2 | Episode 2: Criminal Always Thinks like Criminals

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(Jeff’s Narration)

After evading the Police all these years, here I am… In a completely different city. Standing in front of a Police Inspector that also happens to be my Dad’s Best Friend. The Riverside Mall comes under Mahesh Uncle’s Jurisdiction. So that makes this 89% solve rated Inspector the in charge of this case automatically. I needed to find the person who has done this, but I also need to make sure that I don’t get involved in a Family Drama.

“How did you know where the body was Jeff?” Asked Mahesh Uncle. “I just got a feeling.” I replied. “People say that you were seen wandering near that area during the day.” He was interrogating me. “I heard stories about the place being haunted. I thought of checking out. I know it was foolish… I was just curious.” I explained.

“Did you see someone there?” Mahesh Uncle asked me. “There was a housekeeping staff cleaning the floor. No one else.” I replied. “Could you describe him son?” He said and I started to recall the person. “In 60’s. Wore a black cap. Gray facial hair. Dark Blue jumpsuit. Built like you. Your height.” I described the man. “I’m 5’10.” Mahesh uncle said. “Yeah, quite similar. Wore cleaning gloves and plastic arm sleeves.” I added and began to think deeply. Is that the same person who did this?

“Anyone else apart from that man?” He asked me. “No.” I replied. “Was there anyone else in the bathroom when you found Kingshuk’s Body?” He asked me. “Just me and Pankaj.” I replied. “Others came in after about 15-20 seconds.” I added. I need to keep looking for similar looking Men. Maybe I can find and kill him before the Police does.

“There’s a body part missing.” Mahesh Uncle said and now I was curious. “What?” I was surprised. “Yes… The victim’s genital is missing.” Mahesh Uncle said. “And there are signs of sexual violence. Anal bleeding. Rest will be out on the autopsy. Now remember, you’re the only one whom I’m sharing all this information with. I want you to be cautious and safe.” He added and I was stunned.

“Do not say a word to anyone else.” He added and I nodded still staring in a shock. This was fucking fascinating. I needed to find out who this killer was before the Police did. At the same time, I needed to keep in mind that there is a higher chance of my cover being blown since a family friend was already involved.

“It could be a gay rapist or sadist…” I heard Mahesh Uncle say staring aimlessly on the ground. This was getting more interesting than I thought it would be. All my life, I’ve made sure that I avoid being involved with the police. This time, I just had one way to find out who had done this… “Anyways Jeff… You can go now. I don’t want to burden you but, let me know if you remember anything.” Mahesh Uncle said and was about to leave.

“I want in Mahesh Uncle. I want to help in your investigation.” I said stopping him. “I’ve helped a Police Officer bust a druggie back in Hyderabad. I’d like to help you crack this one. Please Uncle!” I requested Mahesh Uncle. “Absolutely not Jeff. It might be dangerous. You could be the one laying there tomorrow. I can’t expose you to that sort of Danger. I won’t be able to face your parents if something happens to you, Son.” Mahesh Uncle refused. He was worried. That’s good. But I was in on this.

“I’ll keep that in mind and stay out of the red line. But please. Count me in. At least as an informer. I can be of help to you.” I kept requesting. “Look Jeff… Officially you’re not helping me in this case in any capacity.” Mahesh Uncle said. “Understood.” I replied.

“Who did you help in Hyderabad?” He asked me. “Inspector Girish. I think his name was Girish Arora.” I informed Mahesh Uncle. “I know him. He is in Mumbai nowadays dealing with Walk-in Killer Case.” He told me. That sounds a little more intriguing. “Alright now move out. And keep me informed if you find out anything. Keep your eyes open.” He said and left.

I spoke to Mahesh Uncle and came back to my staff. I got to know that Sonu had been taken to the hospital. She went unconscious after seeing the body. Vivek looked traumatized and didn’t speak. “What did he say?” Asked Shabbir. “Nothing much. They’ll talk further after the autopsy.” I said putting a cigarette in my mouth. They all were looking at me. Is it because I acted too casual after seeing a mutilated human body?

Every time I puffed a cigarette after seeing someone die, it was ecstatic, but today was different. Today was more of a twitchy feeling. Maybe that is because of what Mahesh Uncle said back there. Tomorrow I might also be the one to be slaughtered and dumped in the bathroom that way. Or maybe because an innocent life was taken.

That meant I needed to find the killer and maybe take him out as soon as possible. But right now, my only concern was… What would the person do with the victim’s dick and balls that he/she took with him? There was media all over the place. Staff members were asked not to talk to them, and the official statement would be released by the owners. There was a screeching sound.

I turned around and there was a white Audi. Some dude with branded suit got down and went in. “That’s Anirban Jain. He’s one of the owners.” Sushil said. This guy always puts me off. I wish he would have been the one to be attacked and killed. “Shut the fuck up! No one asked.” I told Sushil and that triggered him. Maybe he wanted to hit me, but he could not because of his size.

“Anyways… I’ll leave. Its late already.” I said looking at Vivek. He just looked at me and then looked down. I took that as a Yes and was about to leave. “We’re asked to wait.” Sushil added. I decided to ignore him. This will trigger him further. “I’ll see you guys tomorrow. Take care.” I told Shabbir, Pankaj and Amit and left without giving a shit about Sushil. I reached home and saw everyone worried. They had seen the news about something going down at the mall.

I switched on the TV and there was a statement made by the owner that it was a minor accident. All the employees were asked to work as per their regular schedules. I was asked by Mahesh Uncle not to leak about the case at home. So, I played along and didn’t share any information at home. “Is it okay to continue working there?” Dad asked me. “I can talk to the Mayank and call this off if you say.” He added. He was worried.

“It’s all good. You know how people are.” I replied making sure that they don’t worry much about it. He was still a bit skeptical about me continuing to work there. I got him to speak with Mahesh Uncle to be double sure and he assured that everything was going well. It’s wrong but that was supposed to be done to make sure that they slept peacefully at night.

| Next Day |

The adrenaline did not let me sleep all night. My excitement about what had happened last night got me to reach earlier than everyone. There was a very less crowd. I used that time to my own advantage. I went to the third floor while putting on my medical gloves. The washroom had been sealed by the Police. I went through the seal and entered the washroom when no one was looking. The whole place smelled of rotting blood and flesh. There was blood still all over the place. I had to be careful.

I went to the spot where I saw the housekeeping person earlier yesterday. There were two loo’s right behind where he stood. The security person had said yesterday that they never saw anyone going in. It’s not a ghost obviously. There must be another entrance to this place. I began looking for it. I started pressing on every wall in the room to find out if there was any opening somewhere but could not find anything. Those were just walls. I opened both the loos and finally saw a cupboard in the second one.

I moved forward and then opened the cupboard. I needed to find something to give Mahesh Uncle but again… Several mops and brooms fell on me. I even tried pressing the walls within that cupboard and yet there was nothing. I guess these places would be far too obvious for someone to do something. I tried moving the commode, but it never moved. I thought I would need to leave and think of some other ways to find out. Still, I made sure that I searched the entire place.

I came out of the loo and kept looking in the handwashing area where Kingshuk’s body was discovered. There was blood on the handwashing platform and the sink because of the head being kept there. There was blood all over the walls. I had no fucking idea why was that because I don’t think our guy had mutilated the body here. He would have been caught because of the sound.

This was getting frustrating. I just took a deep breath and had my palm all over my face, rubbing it. My face was up towards the ceiling and then slowly moved my hand and opened my eyes. That is when I got a clue. Every criminal makes a mistake. I’m guessing here was ours’. There was what looked like a detachable opening on the Ceiling. It had a stain of blood on it. I checked the time, and it was 9:40AM. I needed to hurry. I just had fifteen more minutes. I carefully climbed on the Sink’s Platform.

After I stood up on the platform, I could see the entire washroom. I touched that detachable part of the roof, and it could be opened. I opened it and realized that it was a vent opening. It was spacious enough to accommodate a human. I touched at other places there and it was a solid wall. So, anyone my size could easily climb from here and crawl.

This could be the place from where Kingshuk might have been dumped here. I needed to find out how did the Suspect come down and climbed back. I could see sunlight coming in which means there was an opening towards the outside from here. I tried to pull myself up and found out that anyone above the average height of 5’6 could easily climb this shit. I climbed on top and had place to crawl there. It was like a small tunnel. It was a bit slanted in upwards direction. The whole sight could kill a fainthearted.

There was a lot of blood. There were spatters all over the place. There were trails of blood at different places. The whole place smelled of blood and flesh. This can only be seen at a butcher shop or a gruesome crime scene. I looked for the most consistent trail and it was towards the end of the vent. I could see sunlight and the sky at the end of the trail. I started following it to find out where these ends. I kept crawling and moving forward and could see blood had splashed all over the walls.

I began to analyze the whole thing while crawling. So, on one side we have a person who had skillfully chopped off Kingshuk’s body into pieces. The cuttings were just perfect. It made everyone believe that he was a spontaneous killer who took his/her time while chopping off people.

On the other side, I see this bloody vent and start to believe that the killer is an impulsive one and might have panicked after the kill. Considering the whole situation, it could mean two things. Either this person wanted to confuse everyone or there were two of them. Well! Let’s find out.

I reached the end of this small tunnel like vent opening. The slant made it a bit tiring. I peeped outside and realized that the tunnel has led me to the terrace of the mall. I climbed out and there was blood there too. I looked outside from the terrace and realized another thing. There was no other building around me. This was the tallest fucking building in the area. So, if I kill someone here, no one will be able to find out about it. I looked around the terrace and there were bits and drops of blood around.

Finally, I came to a spot within the terrace which was more secluded and there was blood all over the place. “This is a fucking breakthrough!” I thought to myself and sat there looking at the whole scene. I lit a cigarette and started puffing on it thinking what Kingshuk had been going through while the Killer had his way with him. This increased my urge to kill the suspect even though I wasn’t supposed to do that.

I was struggling between thoughts… Do I get him caught or do I kill him myself? I had to keep myself calm. “Call me once you reach the crime scene.” I texted Mahesh Uncle and went back to the tunnel and crawled all the way to the washroom. Closed the roof as it was supposed to be and left the place without being noticed.

I came out of the washroom and checked the time, and it was 10AM. I looked down and Vivek was opening the shop and all the staff members had reached. Vivek’s Dad was with him too. I just walked as fast as I could and sneaked in by the time the lights of the showroom were switched ON.

They were all still in a shock. No one spoke. I kept my bag inside and came out while Amit cleaned the place. I stood with Shabbir and Pankaj while Vivek stood with his father. Sushil was roaming around like an idiot. But he seemed nervous. I looked at Shabbir and I’ve never seen him with his mouth shut like this in the last two days. Sonu has not yet returned, and her massage chair was still On.

“Shall we switch it off?” Pankaj asked. “Let’s not touch it. It might be evidence.” I said stopping him. “What about Sonu? How is she?” I asked. “Fucking traumatized Mahn! Someone said they were in Love and he was found in this sort of state.” Shabbir said. I never knew that Sonu and Kingshuk were a couple. “Anyone would get fucked up because of all this.” I said looking at them.

I looked at Sushil and noticed that he stood away from us and kept looking at me. There was something off about this idiot. I wanted to make sure about two things here. First, that this idiot stays out of my business. Second, that he is not the one the police is looking for. I’ll need to corner him for that.

I moved aside from Shabbir and Pankaj and stood at the railing. I just looked around and kept noticing as many housekeeping people as I could. I wanted to see what they were doing. I saw some of them roaming around with black trash bags and moving out of the mall. Slowly I could see Sushil coming towards me from the corner of my eye.

“I asked you to stay back with the staff last night and you left. You used a profanity before that. Who gave you the audacity?” He said in a low voice as he came beside me. “Are you the fucking manager?” I asked looking and smiling at him. “Who you think you are talking to me that way?” He asked as I looked at him straight into the eyes. “I don’t know about that… But what I do know… Is that I’m not the right person to be fucked with.” I said giving him my most intimidating eyes. He could not talk for a while and kept looking at me.

“What would you do?” He asked staring at me. “For now, just wish that an illiterate hateful piece of shit like you should have been slaughtered instead of a young, educated lad.” I said and his eyes widened. “Was it you?” He asked me and I could hear his voice going down. I kept staring at him as I could feel that he was beginning to get scared. I liked it now. He was scared. I could make him do anything I want. I wanted this to continue.

“Make sure that you do not run your motherfucking bullshit mouth all over the place. Open your mouth only to do your fucking job. For which you get paid.” I told him. “Your parents were bunch of assholes and they did a shitty job popping you and then raising you. They should have killed you in the womb.” I added. I didn’t need to say that.

“You and your opinion suck. and no one wants to hear them. So just shut the fuck up!” I ordered him and by now he was fucked up. He just nodded his head in agreement. “Good boy!” I said and playfully slapped both his cheeks and left. With that I also concluded that he was not the one. If I intimidated him any further, then he would end up pissing here.

We all went in and settled. I was checking my register when Vivek’s Dad came to me. He had his camera around his neck all the time. “You’re the one who saw the body first?” He asked me. “Yes!” I replied. “How do you feel?” He asked me and I felt weird. “Excuse me?” I exclaimed. “I see everyone a nervous since I’ve come here except you.” He said looking at me. I could see Sushil trying to hear us talk.

“I’ve faced some situations previously.” I replied. “You mean bathroom killings?” He asked me. “Incident in the bathroom and killings too.” I replied. “Will you take care of Vivek? He is not in a good mood right now.” He requested. I looked at Vivek and he was working on the computer. He looked fine to me. Just disturbed because of the whole incident. His dad won’t be understanding it. “Sure!” I assured him and he turned around and left.

Once we were done having tea, I saw Mahesh Uncle entering with about five constables. “Do not call me uncle. This is the second meet.” I read his text minutes before I saw him come in. “Good morning Sir!” Everyone stood up and greeted him. “Hey Amit! Go and get tea. Hello Sir.” Vivek’s Dad moved forward and shook hands with him. Mahesh Uncle looked completely disinterested yet this guy forced himself on him. They both had the same height. This family looked a bit weird to me.

“That’s not needed Son.” Mahesh Uncle stopped Amit. “I’m actually here for something else. Mr. Raghav. We meet again. We would need you upstairs.” Mahesh Uncle told me in front of everyone. I looked around and then looked at Vivek. “I’ll be back in a while.” I told him. “Yes yes! Please go. We’ll provide full cooperation to you sir.” Vivek’s dad jumped again. I started to move out of the showroom. “You’d be next sir.” I heard Mahesh Uncle say that to Pankaj.

We walked out of the showroom. Me and Mahesh Uncle were walking side-by-side while his men were behind us at a distance. “Out of so many different options, I still have no idea why our killer chose that kid.” I said talking about people I’ve been dealing with since morning. “So cold hearted of you.” I heard Mahesh Uncle say. I don’t even know if I have a heart or not. “Any suspect?” He asked me as we both moved to the third floor from the escalator. “I thought of Sushil but he’s not the one.” I replied.

“Why Sushil?” Mahesh uncle asked me. “You said sexual violence. That mostly means hate crime. And that guy loathes almost everything for no genuine reason. He’ll even start hating God if he finds out that God is a schedule caste, black or homosexual.” I explained to him as we both kept walking. “Nice! What is he?” Mahesh Uncle questioned. “Indian. Just an annoying and illiterate one.” I replied and that made Mahesh uncle Laugh.

“Good. Keep an eye on him.” Mahesh uncle said as we both reached the third floor. “You find anything?” He asked me. “You’ll be surprise.” I said as we kept moving forward. I saw that Pooja looking at me going with the police. She looked concerned. I just signaled her with my eye that all is well. She looked tempting. The smell in the crime scene was getting stronger now.

“I need you guys to collect each and everything that you find here as an evidence.” Mahesh Uncle instructed. “And Jeff… Surprise me!” He turned towards me. “Alright! So, this is where the body was found. I saw a man inside yesterday morning. But the security person said that no one entered the men’s washroom yesterday apart from me in the morning. But someone else did come here. There’s another entrance.” I explained and saw everyone getting curious.

“Here… Someone please come here.” I said and one of the constables came forward. “Climb on top and move the opening there.” I instructed as I got the constable to stand up on the platform and he was able to expose the ceiling. “It’s a vent opening. Maybe for an air condition. There’s space for people to crawl in there. It’s like a tunnel. It leads to the terrace. There are blood stains and trails there. And in the corner of the terrace there’s a spot where there’s lot of blood.” I added.

“So maybe someone assaulted and killed Kingshuk in the terrace. He cut him into pieces there and might be wanting to take it somewhere else. Hence, he used this vent to dump everything here. He wanted to take out the body from here but Kingshuk was found before that.” I explained and could see Mahesh Uncle looking at me intensely. “How could you say that? And how would he take the body out from here? That too a dismembered one.” Mahesh Uncle cross questioned.

“Firstly, If the butchering would have been done here then there would have been noises. Plus, the tiles would be damaged. But if you do that out in the terrace, floor would not be much of an issue. Then there’s less probability of someone hearing the noises. And people say the terrace is haunted. I’m guessing the killer knew this part. So even if there were noises on the floor, they would assume that it’s a ghost. Also, there are no taller buildings around for someone to watch. Quiet a convenient spot.” I gave them my theory.

“Secondly, I kept noticing the housekeeping staff this morning. They take the trash out of the mall in black plastic bags. That’s what our guy wanted to do. He could have got away with it because a lot of CCTV cameras don’t work in the mall. Almost everyone in the staff knows about it. That too was told by the security person. So, maybe he was in the mall when we found the body. He could be near me and Pankaj too.” I added.

“You really surprised me kid! That was unexpected. How did you deduce that?” Mahesh Uncle asked me. A criminal always thinks like Criminals. “I’m just going by my assumptions here.” I clarified. He instructed the constable to check with the whole place thoroughly and came out with me. “Thank you, Jeff. That was a great help.” He said as we both walked out and stood near the railings outside the washroom. I always have a tough time replying to such gestures. I just nodded my head.

“Did the autopsy come back?” I asked him. “Not yet! Could you do me one more favor. Find out about the victim. I mean what kind of a person he was or if he had a fight with someone here.” Mahesh Uncle instructed. “I’ll do that.” I said looking around. “Keep me informed. Now shake my hand and leave.” He instructed me. This is the most cautious man I’ve ever seen. I followed the instructions and then he left inside.

I turned around and could see staff members and patrons looking at me. I was confused about what exactly were the trying to see. An untraumatized human who has seen a body chopped off into pieces last night. Or a monster who thought that it was a fucking piece of art. I looked around and there was Pooja standing in the corner outside her showroom. I headed towards her and she came out to find out what was happening.

“What did they say?” She asked me anxiously. “Nothing.” I replied. “Then why did they call you there?” She questioned. “I was the one to spot the body first. They needed to know some things. I told them.” I replied calmly. “Thank God!” I saw Pooja exhale. “I thought they’re accusing you of killing Kingshuk.” She added. “Why would you think that?” I asked her. “I don’t know… I’ve never had a good feeling about the Police.” She said and now I was a bit suspicious.

“Come on! We’ll have something.” I said and we both started walking towards the food court. “By the way… Why you said you never had a good feeling about the police?” I asked her. “Well, Jeff… I don’t know if I should be sharing this with you or not. I’m from Mumbai. I came here two years back. I stay at Naihati with my Mother and Elder Sister.” She started narrating. “Okay…” I said asking her to explain more.

“We were kind of… Exiled from our community Jeff. That is because of my Father.” She said as I looked at her. “He used to be a sharpshooter. He worked for the Underworld. He was gunned down by the Mumbai Police right in front of me. The sound of guns firing and bullets penetrating my father is still fresh in my hears. It’s been almost three years, but it feels like it happened yesterday. That is the reason why I don’t feel good about the Police.” She added.

“As soon as my father was dead, people who were once scared of us, now disowned us and then made sure that we’re out of the community, family and then even Mumbai.” She completed the narration, and I could see her eyes were filled with tears.

“Hey! You’re a strong woman. Everything will be okay.” I said keeping a hand on her shoulder. I still had no idea if this was enough as an empathy or if I needed to do more. She kept her head on my shoulder and kept crying for a while as we walked. I was confused. I still never understood how people started getting so attached with one another within 24 hours.

We went to a Pastry Counter in the food court. “Okay… Which one?” I asked her. “Anyone you like.” She replied. “Pineapple?” I asked her and she agreed. We took two Pineapple Pastries and sat in a corner. “You’re okay?” I asked her. “Yes… Thank you. I’ve never shared this with anyone. So, thank you for listening. You’re a nice person Jeff.” She kept talking. She was wrong about the last part. The real me was not a nice person. It was one of those sociopaths who killed Kingshuk. Speaking of Kingshuk…

“Okay tell me about this guy who died yesterday. Kingshuk. How was he? Did he ever have a fight with someone?” I asked her. “He was loved by everyone… As far as I remember, he never had a fight with anyone.” She replied. “What about Sony? That girl he used to work with. Someone said they were a couple.” I asked. “Sonu… She loved him like a brother. It’s not possible that they could be a couple. Kingshuk was gay. And yes, a lot of people disliked him for that.” She revealed.

Holyfuckingshit! Amputated body, stolen genital and sexual violence now makes a bit of sense here. Are the Kolkata Police dealing hate crime? Or a crime of passion? Is it possible that Kingshuk had a consent when he went with his killer? If there was no consent, then someone would have noticed if he resisted. Is it someone who he knew? Is it someone who I know? This was getting fun now.

“But why are you asking about him?” She asked me. “It’s nothing… Just out of curiosity.” I replied and then received a call from Vivek. “Hey! Are the cops done questioning you?” He asked me. “Yeah! All good?” I asked him. “There were some customers in the showroom, finally. We might need you.” He informed me. “I’ll be there in a while.” I replied and hung up the call. This was the first time Vivek spoke with me today. That guy seems to have been traumatized quite a lot.

“What is it?” Pooja asked. “Duty calls! Come… Let’s go. I’ll drop you at your showroom.” I said and we walked towards the third floor again. We reached the showroom and Pooja’s Manager was standing outside.

“Where were you?” He asked her. “On a break. Nitesh Bhaiya meet Jeff. He is from…” Pooja got interrupted by Nitesh while she was introducing me. “I know him. You work in Essence, right?” He said as I looked at him. Average built and height about 5’10. “Yes!” I said as I noticed his gray hairs. We both shook hands. His hands were too soft. “You were the one who first saw that queer’s body dumped there?” He commented.

“Looks like you’re not a fan of such people.” I replied. “I think they’re all unnatural. An abomination I’d say. And they all should be treated for this disease.” That was harsh. “Anyways… It was nice meeting you Jeff.” Nitesh said and moved his hand forward to shake hands with me again. “I’m getting late. I’ll see you.” I said to Pooja and left without responding to Nitesh. I don’t think that must have gone down well with him.

Since the night I’ve lost touch with humanity, I’ve failed to understand a lot of things that humans do. I failed to understand why a human brain works that way. They dislike an innocent human just because he is different from them. But they develop attachment for people they have just met. It’s a huge fucking world out there and there are bunch of hypocrites in it.

I had already started preparing my list for people who I would be taking out. I just needed to wait for the right time and opportunity for that to happen. Thinking about all this, I came back to the showroom. The customers who entered the showroom were just window shoppers. They never wanted to buy anything. There were less customers today. We were still expecting a lot of footfall during this time like yesterday but that never happened. Still, I had to be there. I came out of the showroom once I saw there were no customers today.

“Don’t go far away, we might get more customers.” I heard Vivek tell me. “I’m right outside.” I replied and stood at the corridor right outside the showroom. We won’t get customers today. The place looks a bit deserted today. Less crowd than the previous two days.

“He is disturbed a lot.” I heard Vivek’s Dad come and tell me from the back. This guy was getting on my nerves now. I wanted to stab him with something. “Yeah! I can see that. He barely spoke.” I said as I turned my back and leaned on the corridor’s railing and faced the showroom. Vivek’s Dad stood beside me.

“Did he see the body by any chance?” His father asked me. “Yeah! He came to the washroom.” I replied. “Something similar happened to one of his friends when he was young.” Vivek’s Father said. “Every time something similar happens, he remembers them and goes silent for days.” He added and I kept listening to him. We were making a progress.

“That must be hard.” I said looking at Vivek. “Yeah! My poor kid!” Vivek’s Dad exclaimed. “Anyways… What did the Police say?” He asked me. “They’re still looking into it. They just had few questions with me. I helped them with that.” I replied making sure that I never spill any beans. I could see a disappointing look on his face. “What about the missing body part? Did they find it anywhere?” I heard him say.

Wait! What? Did he just say that? Did he fucking say that? I heard Vivek’s father utter these words and that fucking shocked me. No one in the entire mall knows about this. Not even most of the Police officers. It’s just me and Mahesh Uncle who are aware of this detail.
I was fucking shocked, but I needed to act normal. I cannot let him catch me off-guard. I turned around and looked at him. He was looking at me. I kept looking at him and suddenly I remembered the man that I saw in the men’s washroom yesterday. It was him. He had fake facial hairs on.
“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” I told him in a low voice. “There’s no such details revealed to me.” I added. “Amit told me that there was a body part missing. I don’t know what exactly it was. So, I thought of checking with you.” He was now trying to mislead me. I could say that because I could see it in his eyes the realization that he made a mistake. He was trying to hide his embarrassment.

“The postmortem is not yet out.” I said staring at him. This man has been around all this while. “Okay no worries. I’ll see you around.” He said holding his camera which was there on his neck 24/7. He then slowly left and entered the showroom. I just kept looking at him walking back in. I realized he was same built as the person I saw yesterday. I imagined him in black cap, Gray facial hairs, and Dark Blue jumpsuit with cleaning gloves and plastic arm sleeves. Motherfucker was in a disguise.

Fucking A! I had a suspect. I knew Vivek’s Father was involved in this. Was Vivek involved too? Now I just needed to wait for a while to find that out. Also, I needed to think how to take this old man out. It’s dangerous as Mahesh Uncle had warned. I’m going to do it anyways. It will happen today. It’s going to be fun.

To Be Continued…

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