LURK | Season-2 | Episode 1: Ghost at the Mall

| 12th December’2014 | 03:00AM |

(Jeff’s Narration)

It’s a cold winter morning here in Kolkata… While the whole city sleeps… I stand here at the edge of the terrace of the tallest apartment in the area. How I love the silence right now. The cool breeze touched my face as I lit a cigarette and closed my eyes while enjoying the fag looking up in the sky. I’ve started smoking the mint switch one since I’ve come here. It helps me keep cool.

Three hours ago, everyone was celebrating my birthday. Mom and Dad gifted me a Hoodie. Siblings gifted me sunglasses and a watch. I now had my Grandmother and Uncles living nearby and they gifted me a box of chocolate. I feel lucky to have such people in my life. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to repay the love that I keep getting from them.

I felt lucky… I had a smile on my face as I saw the smoke mixing in the air and going up in the sky… If someone was looking at me right now, they would see how a happy and content human looks like… Not human… But a Monster. I never wanted this to end. But everything eventually comes to an end. That’s how it works in this world here. There is always a stop button. Just like Mehtaab’s life is about to end abruptly.

Lost in my thoughts, I slowly looked down and there he was… Mehtaab. Hanging from the railing of the terrace. Had a tape on his mouth. I didn’t want him to shout and wake up the neighborhood. I love this peaceful feeling of no other human around apart from this idiot down here. He was mine for the last moments of his life. I wanted to play with him. I wanted to frighten him. I wanted to make him feel how invincible he was. I wanted him to feel pain. I started that by blowing a smoke in his face and tapping the burn ash on him.

“So… First you behead your own sister in the name of saving your family’s honor. Then after trying to rape a 6-year-old girl, you get jailed, but you escape. Now you come back, and two more girls get raped. Then I find you stalking another schoolgirl…” I narrated what he has been doing all these days. “You thought you’ll get away with it, didn’t you?” I asked him as I leaned forward on the railing and began squeezing his hand keeping my elbows on them.

I could see his expression change. He was in pain now. I continued to press his hands with my elbows as hard as I could. He started shaking his head aggressively as I pressed his hand harder. “Does it pain?” I asked him and continued to push my elbow in his palms. He continued to shake his head. I realized that he wanted me to remove the tape from his mouth. He wanted to talk.

“You want to talk?” I asked to be sure. “You’ll shout?” I asked and he aggressively nodded in a No. “Anyways I’ll just throw you sooner if you shout. It’s quite simple.” I said and I removed the tape from his mouth, and he kept breathing heavily. “Why are you doing this Jeff? Please let me go. I promise to stay as far as possible.” He requested me.

“I don’t take chances… At least not with someone like you. That’s what I have been doing all these years. Not taking chances… Plus, you cannot change your ways… If you harm anymore girls then imagine how difficult it will be for me to catch you again?” I said affectionately caressing his hairs. “I’ll surrender. I’ll surrender to the police.” He said as he cried.

“Then you’ll be bailed out and you’ll continue your rampage. Right?” I said as I continued to cuddle his hairs with a smile. “So, I don’t want to waste anyone else’s time or put anyone’s lives at risk anymore.” I added. “I called you a brother Jeff. Don’t you have love for a brother? What sort of a human are you?” He asked me as he cried.

“You got me wrong there… I’m not human… I’m empty… I feel nothing. Especially not love. I’m one of you. But I’m not like you. I don’t kill innocents. I don’t rape women and children… I have standards.” I told him and he kept looking at me. “That is the reason, why you need to Go my Friend.” I told him and put my hand in the pocket.

“It’s your birthday today. Please leave me considering that.” He kept crying. “This is my birthday celebration. Seeing you die will be the best birthday gift I receive this year.” I said and then I pulled the tape from his face. I then did what all the girls should have done to him in the first place. I sprayed a chilly spray in his eyes. I heard him scream.

Mehtaab’s hand left the railing and then I saw him slowly go in the air. His hand was still on his eyes. He was slowly flying towards his fate. I wanted to see him take the fall. I waited for him to reach the ground, but he first fell on a bunch of wires connecting between two poles. I saw him being electrocuted slowly. His eyes were open.

It looked as if he was staring at me as he kept trembling on those wires. He could not move anymore. He could not run. He could not escape. Slowly his complexion started to get darker. Then his eyes started to get darker. Then there was an explosion and I saw Mehtaab falling on the ground. His eyes were still open. He had now turned completely black and did not move anymore. I then heard people shouting.

As I slowly moved out of the building, people looked at Mehtaab fallen there like a black piece of burnt coal. “No one touches the body. He might be having a current. I’ll call the police.” I heard one of them say as I slowly moved out of that place without being noticed. Another piece of shit dies… And I feel more alive.

| 2 Days Later |

“You can call it a staged suicide or accident Danny. Basically, a murder. The autopsy showed that someone used a pepper spray on him right before his death. There was a rise in chilly spray sales in the city over the weekend after Mehtaab had escaped from Alipore Prison. Medical stores are flooded with customers. We cannot go and check every medical store around the city. It’s difficult to find who did it. So, we ruled it as accidental death.” Mahesh Uncle explained to Dad as I stood with him.

Mahesh Uncle was the in charge of the case dealing with Mehtaab’s death. He had been Dad’s Childhood friend and would keep sharing tidbits about his cases with us. I used that to my benefit. “Who you think might have killed him by the way?” Dad asked Mahesh Uncle about me. Things have been getting a bit complicated but funny too.

“I don’t know but a lot of criminals have been dying in a similar way. Higher ups are too blind to see the pattern. They’re just happy that the criminal is dead.” Mahesh uncle explained looking aimlessly on the ground. “It’s been happening for two months. Criminals just die or commit suicide.” He added.

“Well then we have a batman in our city then!” Dad joked and I looked up at Mahesh Uncle. “I guess so! But that does not mean this person is not a criminal. He or she too should get caught.” He said raising his eyebrows. Mahesh Uncle did make me realize that the Police was evolving, and I needed to stay put. People were getting smarter.

“Alright Danny! You guys carry on… I have a missing children’s case to deal with… At Howrah.” He informed about the case. “Oh! Where in Howrah?” Dad asked him. “It’s somewhere in Sector 31. It’s near some local water tank. I don’t know. I’ll be able to see the addresses once I reach Lalbazaar.” He informed and then started to leave. So, he will first be going to the headquarters and then to the crime site.

We exchanged pleasantries and parted from Mahesh Uncle. We were heading towards the Riverside Mall at Howrah. That was near where Mahesh Uncle was heading. A new showroom was about to be inaugurated and I needed to be there with Dad. So missing children case had to wait for a while.

It’s been two months since we moved to Kolkata and I’ve not yet joined a professional organization. I’m still exploring the whole city and helping my dad set up his own factory. Dad is under contract with the RS, a men’s formal wear. They have given him the tailoring and designing department of one of their showrooms at Rashbehari in South Kolkata. We’ve been working in coordination for a while.

Dad used to be at the showroom while me and brother managed the work and people at the factory. Workers here were skilled at making formal wears and pissing people off, but I had to keep my calm. I cannot just kill someone because they didn’t complete the work on time or went for more tea breaks. It will be like a mass murder if I start doing that. It’s fun but nope!

The Head Office was at Poddar Court in Central Kolkata. Bosses were so impressed with Dad’s work that they decided to give him another showroom that they were about to establish in the Riverside Mall at Howrah, Street 11. Dad deserved all the accolades for it.

Since I knew tailoring and designing, it was decided that I’ll be the one taking charge in the Riverside’s showroom while Dad will still be at Rash Behari and brother will do the factory. I just had one problem. I sold my bike once I reached Kolkata. I would need to use a public transport to go to work… Even a ferry. I have no idea how many idiots I would need to deal with on my way. Being a serial killer was easy… But being a Selective Serial Killer was not.

Thinking about all this, I arrived at the Riverside Mall in Howrah with Dad. This place looked overcrowded. This was my first time in this mall. It looked like a four-story building. As I moved forward, I realized that the entrance was on the first floor and the ground floor was towards the basement. There was FBB in the end and my workplace was right before that.

“Shop No. D-5, Essence Men’s Clothing.” I read as I moved inside the showroom. There was Mayank standing at the cash counter. He was the son of the owner. “Oh Masterji! Come on in.” Mayank joyfully invited Dad inside. “Vivek!” He called out someone from the crowd. I turned around and saw this fair, lean guy coming towards us. Wavy hairs on his forehead were oiled, had blue eyes and he wore specs on.

“Here… Meet Masterji, Mr. Denzel Raghav and his son Jefferson Raghav. Jeff!!” Mayank said. “Masterji! Jeff! Meet Vivek, he’ll be managing the showroom.” Mayank introduced us and Vivek shook hands with us. He looked more of a decent guy in his mid-20. “Jeff would be the one who would be managing the tailoring and designing here.” Mayank informed Vivek. “Oh! Hi Jeff! Please don’t get me killed. It would be my first time managing.” He smiled at me as we shook hands. I won’t get you killed. All you must do is be a nice person.

“I’ll try not to disappoint.” I replied with a smile. “Come! I’ll introduce you to other staff members.” Vivek said and took us with him. “So, these are Pankaj, Shabbir and Sushil. They will be the salesmen. Sushil is the senior most.” Vivek introduced them to me. They just shook hands with me. Pankaj and Shabbir were normal two guys while Sushil stared at me. I shook hands with the first two.

Then Sushil caught my hand. “Jefferson Raghav…” He said and then he kept looking at me. “Raghav…” he murmured and started thinking something. “Which family are you exactly related to?” He asked me with tobacco in his mouth. Casteist asshole! I understood what kind of a narrow-minded idiot he was. It would be fun to get on his nerve and that’s what I did.

“Some other day, Sushil. When there’s no tobacco involved.” I said and I released my hand from his grip. He kept staring at me as I left with Dad. This creepy guy would be the first one to die here at the Riverside Mall. We moved further and Vivek introduced us to his father. I shook hands with him. Although he was a photographer, his hands felt like that of a woodcutter.

He was a typical Indian Father who kept boasting of how amazing he and his son was, embarrassing Vivek in the process. “I’d love to click your pictures if you’d like that.” He said handing me his card before leaving to attend other guests. He was a bit weird.

“You seem a bit embarrassed by all the compliments from your Dad.” I said once Vivek’s Dad left. “It’s nothing! He just starts off.” Vivek laughed it off. “It’s okay man! It’s a Dads thing. My dad called me batman this morning.” I said and we both laughed. “By the way! I’m so sorry about Sushil’s behavior. He’s illiterate and is mostly into caste system and all. I hope you understand.” Vivek Apologized.

Sushil was the perfect example of everything being wrong about our ancestors… These idiots treating him as a senior was the encouragement to the problem. Speaking of what Vivek said… It was too late for an apology… I had already begun my tiff with him.

“All good with me.” I brushed it off. Fuck! Pretending to be a nice person gets so difficult sometimes. But Vivek turned out to be a cool guy, though he was a bit of an over touchy sort of person. I mean he would just hold hands with you or keep a hand on your shoulder when he spoke with you. I did notice him maintaining his distance with women at the same time.

We decided that I’ll be in for work by 10AM every day and leave by 8PM. I didn’t have a problem with that. I could also work longer hours. I was just concerned about the route I would need to take. It was a freaking headache. Thinking about this, I kept moving around the place to see how the showroom was. Dad was in a conversation with Mayank.

whole place. I walked randomly looking at the shops. There were patrons everywhere. I kept moving from one floor to another. As I peeped down from each floor, I thought how it would look if someone falls off from this height on the white floor. It would be fucking fascinating. I needed to control my urges about seeing someone die. It’s just been two days.

There was a food court in the top floor. There was just one shop among the food counters here in the corner. It looked like a sports equipment shop. Then I wandered all the way to the ground floor of the mall which was a floor below the entrance. I moved forward and there was furniture store there. Right beside it, there was a men’s toilet.

I entered the toilet, and there was just one man inside relieving himself. His appearance made him look like some sort of a meth addict. I ignored him and moved forward to the nearest loo to relieve myself. Once I was done, I came forward to wash my hands and then suddenly the lights were gone.

Initially I thought it was a foul play. Then I switched on my phone’s torch and realized it was just a power cut. I came out of the place quickly. I checked with the man who was peeing and saw him slowly come towards the hand wash. I then left the place to come out.

I came out and there was this security guy who came running towards me. “Sir! Are you okay?” He asked me. “Yes?” I said and looked at him. He kept looking at me for a while and then just walked away. He never said anything. I walked back to the showroom. By the time I was back, dad was done with his talking with Mayank and was ready to leave.

“Where were you?” Dad asked me. “Just… Wanderlust.” I replied to him. “Let’s go! We’ll be leaving now.” Dad said. I went and bid goodbyes to every person before leaving. Sushil kept staring at me and I began to get irate. I had to keep up with some of the shit just for Dad. But, eventually, I will take him out. World would be a better place without someone like him.

| Next Day |

I reached at 10AM and saw all the staff members standing outside the showroom. “Good morning! All okay?” I asked to the group. “Fucking Vivek is late!” I heard Shabbir say aggressively. Shabbir spoke a lot and there was profanity in every sentence. Quite the opposite was Pankaj who looked more of a teenager Bihari guy. He used to go to college and worked here for pocket money.

There was another silent and creepy guy looking at me. “Who is he by the way? He wasn’t here yesterday.” I asked. “He’s the housekeeping guy. Got appointed today.” Pankaj said. “Oh hi! Jeff!” I greeted him and shook hands with him. “Amit!” He said and smiled. “Don’t need to shake hands with him. He’s housekeeping.” I heard Sushil say. He was again staring at me from behind.

I was furious when he did that. I overcame with rage. I turned around and caught him by his neck and smashed his face to the mirror of the showroom’s entrance wo hard that the glass broke. He started bleeding heavily. He looked scared now. I could see it in his eyes. I moved forward and took a piece of glass and slit his fucking neck with it. Blood started oozing out of his neck. Who was the little one now? No one came to save him.

“Hey! You okay?” I was woken up from my hallucination by Amit. I realized I was still holding his hand. “He’s human.” I replied to Sushil’s comment. He made an annoyed face and left. I didn’t have to be so dramatic. I could just toss him off the first floor on his head. He’ll die breaking his neck.

Vivek came in a while and the shop opened. “Your father won’t be coming?” Asked Sushil. “He needs to be at the studio.” Vivek replied as he went inside before me. Vivek gave me the customer’s record register and I was checking it out while the other staff members were standing outside. Amit started cleaning the place. I made sure I did not come in his way. Once the cleaning was done and the staff had got in, I saw the security person coming in. It was the same guy who came to me yesterday when I came out of the men’s washroom. He wanted to buy some clothe material.

Pankaj helped him and then he came to me for designing. I helped him with the same. He kept staring at me. I felt he wanted to talk to me but was hesitant. I then started taking his body measurements. That was when he spoke up. “I saw you coming out of the men’s washroom yesterday. Why did you go there, Sir?” He finally asked and I don’t know what took him so long to ask me this.

“I happened to be on that floor and needed to pee. Is there a problem?” I asked him politely. “Sir! I just want to tell you and others. Please do not use the washroom there and the one at the third floor of this mall.” He said and my eyes widened. “Is there a reason for it?” I asked him on behalf of everyone. I think I knew what was to come now.

“Those are unsafe areas sir. People have reported paranormal activities. They say the lights go off and they are being thrown around violently in the washroom that you used yesterday. But no one is around once the lights come back. And strange shadows have been spotted in the third floor’s washroom. People have seen a human’s apparition. So, we mostly request people to use the other washrooms.” The security guard narrated. That was quite predictable from someone from Kolkata.

“The lights did go off, but nothing happened. Also, there was another man inside the washroom. So, I guess I was safe.” I replied. “I’ve heard that a lot of such ghost stories since I landed in this city. Quiet a cliché. Anyways sir if you don’t want me to use those washrooms, I won’t. You don’t need to cook up stories about it.” I added.
“Glad to know that nothing happened with you sir. But that doesn’t mean that the place is not dangerous. Thank you for your cooperation.” He said and left. He was annoyed at me. I was still confused as to what exactly was dangerous… Ghosts that wandered in empty places or people like me, who lived among normal people. I turned around and saw Vivek’s eyes all popped out.

“What’s up?” I asked him. “Mahn we’re working in a haunted mall. Isn’t that exciting.” He said in his excitement. “Not my thing.” I said and walked off to my place where I had the security person’s body measurements noted. It would have been way more interesting if we had someone suitable for me to go after. I had nothing to do with dead people roaming around.

“Let’s call him for some tea and get to know the whole story.” Shabbir suggested. “That would be fun.” Pankaj agreed picking up Vivek’s bottle to drink water. “Hey! Not this one brother! There’s medicine mixed.” Vivek took the bottle away from Pankaj and gave him another one. Then they made the plan to bring him to the showroom as soon as they saw him again.

I brushed it off and moved out of the showroom once I was done with my work. I slowly kept walking around the mall. I just kept looking at the showrooms again. The mall was too crowded for a Sunday. I still had no idea what fascination these people had with paranormal and ghosts. They created outlandish stories and gossip about it the whole night. The entire city loved to gossip about a haunted racetrack or library or a Crematorium.

Lost in my thoughts, I kept walking and then found myself right outside the washroom of the third floor. I thought of checking it from the inside. I looked around and no one was watching and then, I went inside the washroom. The whole thing inside looked a bit eerie. Not all the lights were ON. I looked around and there was a housekeeping staff cleaning the floor. That poor guy got frightened looking at me. There was an awkward silence. “Sorry!” I said and slowly moved out of the place.

I came back and leaned on the railing. Suddenly a hand came from behind patting on my shoulders. I turned around and wow! A brown girl. Shorter than me. Athletic built. Amazing smile with those red lipstick. “Are you okay? I saw you enter the washroom.” She asked me. “Well, I just wanted to check if I see any ghosts inside but there was nothing. I just frightened an old man for no reason.” I replied and she laughed.

“Sometimes we don’t tend to see what’s beyond that meets the eye.” She said as she smiled. The only reason I never replied to that bullshit quote from google was because she was hot. “I’m Pooja.” She introduced herself. “Jefferson! Call me Jeff.” I shook hands with her. Her hands were a bit rough. But that was okay for me. “You work here?” I asked her. “I work at Kidsi Kids Clothes. You?” She asked me. “Joined Essence on the first floor yesterday. They introduced me to these ghosts today.” I said and she laughed again.

“Well, I won’t introduce you to ghosts.” She was hitting on me. “That would be great I guess…” I said still being a bit unsure about meeting someone this way. Still, I thought of seeing how things turn out to be. “Pooja!” I saw someone call her from behind. “Coming!” she turned around and replied. “I’m sorry I would need to go right now. I’ll be free at 2PM though. I do lunch at that time.” She was asking for a date. “Okay… I’ll do lunch at 2PM too.” I told her and then parted from her.

I kept walking for another hour around the whole place and came back to the showroom. I saw a girl and a guy setting up massage chairs near the showroom as I was about to get in. “Nuru massage??? Just walk across.” I heard Shabbir say and laugh. “They were not here yesterday.” I asked. “It was a Sunday.” He reminded. I then went back and sat with everyone. They were talking about random things. Suddenly an argument erupted between Sushil and Pankaj about casteism that Sushil did with others. I just stood there and watched his audacity and the way he spoke bad about people.

“Keep it low guys! Look who’s here.” I heard Vivek announcing and entering the showroom with his arm on the security person’s shoulder. He then asked Amit to get tea for everyone. I stood at my distance. Everyone sat down around him, and these guys started poking him about the mall’s haunted story. “I’m not supposed to discuss that with people.” The security person said acting as if he won’t narrate that shit to anyone. After a few more pushes, he started and went on with it.

“It all started back when the Riverside Mall was being constructed. A large chunk of wall collapsed and killed lot of men, women, and children. The owners released the statement saying there were no casualties, and the mall was then constructed over those dead bodies.” The security person kept narrating and the whole place was silent. Everyone was listening as if it were a bedtime story. I found it nonfictional till this part.

“People keep reporting strange things within the mall since day-one. Guards refuse to guard the terrace and the parking area. The ones who have guarded the parking area have always complained that they see random men and women with bruises asking for help. Some of them say ‘please rescue us, we’re still trapped.’ And some just keep crying in pain. The ones at the terrace say that a woman with a child comes to take strolls every now and then. We tried checking out those places through CCTV Cameras, but most of the CCTV’s don’t work here. Except for the lifts.” Narrated the security person. I think they need to stop watching horror flicks.

“Woman in white saree with a child?” breaking the silence, I asked the security person. “You still don’t believe me, don’t you?” He asked me and I just laughed. “I don’t blame you for it. I’ll start believing the day I see something. I’ve been to both the places but didn’t find a ghost.” I said and moved out for lunch. It was already around 2PM. “But we never saw anyone going in there.” I heard the security person say but I never responded to that.

I came back to the third floor outside the showroom that Pooja worked. There she was, dealing with customers. She looked hot! I signaled her that I’m waiting till she finishes. She agreed to it and then came back 5 minutes later. We both started walking towards the 4th floor and began having our own conversation. I narrated things that the security guard told.

“Oh see… There’s your ghost with the kid.” Pooja joked and pointed at a random woman holding a kid. Shouldn’t they be in school right now? “There are too many but none of them looks dead to me.” I replied and then we both laughed. I was quiet an expert in recognizing dead people. Especially the ones that die because of me. We moved towards McD.

“So, what do we eat? Burger?” She asked me. “Can we go for something else?” I suggested. “I don’t like burgers.” I whispered. Suddenly, I remember how things turned out the last time I was involved with a girl. If history gets repeated, I would be forced to kill her with my bare hands this time. To be on the safer side, I made sure that I keep things more like a friendship with Pooja. Okay a little intimacy is harmless.

We moved out and got Barbeque Chicken from one of the stalls and kept eating and walking. She spoke a lot. But I liked the way her lips moved. Her eyes looked nice every time they popped. Once we were done, I dropped her to the Kids’ Showroom and went back to mine.

As I moved inside the showroom, I saw that the girl and the guy who worked with the massage chairs were inside. I went in and the girl introduced herself as Sonu and the guy’s name was Kingshuk. I shook hands with them and moved towards my place. Vivek was again all overfriendly with them. I don’t like to be friends with every person that comes my way. They spoke to everyone like long lost relatives and then went back to their electric chair after a while.

“Why does he become friends with everything that breathes?” I heard Shabbir muttering about Vivek. “Some people like being extrovert.” I replied to him. “That looks so gay!” He responded. Homophobic idiot! “Guys! I’m going for lunch. Sushil ji please mind the counter.” Vivek instructed and left. “Make some more friends on the way.” I heard Shabbir say as Vivek left.

I went and sat as they all kept backbiting about how Vivek used to get overfriendly with everyone. Shabbir kept calling him Gay and laughing about it. After a while, the topic changed and again Sushil got into an argument with Shabbir this time over Hindu and Muslim superiority. I still have no idea what pleasure people got from these shitty debates. “Jeff what do you think?” Suddenly I heard Shabbir ask.

I’ve killed people of all religions, all castes, and all genders. I had no regrets about it. “I’m a secular person.” I just said. Things went on and customers kept coming in all through the day. The rush was more than we would expect. Most of them only walked in to check the stock. I guess that’s what people come to do at the mall.

“Showrooms would do well if it’s on the streets here.” Pankaj said and I agreed to that. He and Amit till now were the only people who I did not feel like killing today. Vivek was too irritating to be a friend. But he made up for it after he went to the food court and got more barbeque chicken for everyone in the evening. Shabbir blabbered a lot and I don’t need any further reason to kill Sushil.

It was about 9PM when we were about to close. The staff members were covering the stocks with a white cloth making the whole place look like a morgue. I saw Sushil and imagined him being covered in the white cloth. Taking my stuff with me, I waited outside with Vivek for everyone to come.

“Vivek Da! Vivek Da!” I heard from behind. We turned around and it was Sonu, the massage chair girl. “Kingshuk is missing. He had gone for lunch. He never returned. I’m trying to call his cell and he never answers.” She said in a panic. “Must have gone home?” I told her.

“His bag is still here.” Sonu replied. “He never leaves his bag behind Vivek Da. Please find out.” She said and started crying. Vivek was hugging and consoling her. I was amazed at the attachment she had with Vivek within one meet. He called the other staff members and asked us to search for Kingshuk. We started looking around. I was with Pankaj. We kept calling Kingshuk’s name the whole time.

The word spread and everyone started looking for Kingshuk. We roamed around searching for him and could not find him anywhere. “Kingshuk where the fuck are you? Did the ghost take you?” I heard Shabbir shouting. I did get a hint from that. We were already on the third floor. “Shall we check the toilet?” I suggested and Pankaj agreed. We moved as fast as we could.

My heart started to pump, and adrenaline kicked in. I started to smell human flesh. The last time I was so intimate with this smell was when Ankur got butchered under the train. Something was about to happen. My hands started to get cold with excitement. We ran and then pushed opened the door. There it was… My eyes popped at the sight.

Kingshuk… His body. It was on the floor. It’s just his head which was in the sink. His body laid with the back facing us. His hands and legs too were chopped off. There was anal bleeding too. I slowly moved forward, and Pankaj followed me. He ran out to puke. I just kept staring at the handy work that has been done. Who would cut a human so perfectly? I slowly went towards it and sat near the body.
“Call the Fucking Police!” I heard Pankaj gain composure and shout outside. Whoever has done this, is not a first timer. Looking at what was in front of me, I now believed what the security person said. There was a ghost in the mall. I could see his art here. The only problem was… He was still invisible.

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