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“So… Here we are… At the end of the Season. I’d say end of one of the chapters of my life. Irrespective of what you think of me… I thank you for reading my story. Love or Hate does not matter to me… Your reaction does.

Along the way, my creator kept planting Easter eggs, hidden evidences and a little more of a character detailing in regards to the story. You might have found some of them. If not then here is me spilling out the beans and Hiding in Plain Sight in front of the World. Use the comment box to let me know which one did you find out before you read here.”

  • The Soundtrack used is a famous composition by BEETHOVEN and its Name is FUR ELISE. ELISE MATSUNAGA was a woman who Killed her husband and dumped different parts of his body all over the city. There’s also a Netflix documentary about it. Although there’s no relationship between the story and the Music.
  • The name of the Main Character- Jefferson Raghav (Jeff) is inspired by the Combination of Jefferson Hope and Raman Raghav. Jefferson Hope was the Antagonist in Sherlock Holmes’ Story “A study in Scarlet” who would drive his victims to commit suicide. And Raman Raghav was a serial murderer in India active in 1960’s.
  • The Parts where Jeff Says “I don’t kill anyone. I talk to people. They kill themselves.” Is one of Jefferson Hope’s Dialogues taken from BBC Series Sherlock.
  • Jeff never apologized for being verbally abusive towards Deepak over the call. That shows his genuine hatred towards Deepak.
  • In the beginning of Episode1, Jeff & Mohammed Bhai are with Deepak and Ankur in a conference room that has a round conference table. Later when Deepak is dead, Jeff is standing with Mohammed Bhai opposite to Ankur. Deepak’s body lay in between them and again the police lines is said to be circular just like the table in the beginning. There were Jeff’s Termination Letters placed on the table in the beginning. Jeff then Imagines Deepak’s body on the conference table in the end. That depicts the change of situation in the same room since the beginning.
  • The name of Episode1 (Season1) is “Terminated” which means “Coming to an End.” Here, it depicts Jeff’s Job and then Deepak’s Life.
  • In the first Episode of Season1, Ankita asks Jeff that how did he knew Deepak’s address. He tells her that he had visited there previously. Later in Episode2 (Season1) when Inspector Girish asks him if he had been to his house previously, Jeff refuses. No one knows what exactly the truth was. This shows his ability to manipulate people as per the situation.
  • People that Jeff likes, and dislikes can be identified by the way he refers them during his narration. If Jeff Dislikes someone then he calls that person just by the name during the narration. If he likes someone then he refers them with respect even while narration. For example, he refers Deepak and Ankur by their names but calls them Sir during the conversation. On the other hand, he always refers Dev as Dev Sir and Girish as Inspector Girish. That’s out of genuine respect for the people. Although he lies and manipulates people the whole time.
  • Ankur says “The feeling of being followed or someone standing at my window never leaves me. Every time I hear footsteps approaching from behind, I feel its Jeff. Every time my car’s siren goes off, I think he is trying to lure me.” While his narration in the beginning of Episode2, Season1. Later Jeff is doing the same thing.
  • In Episode2 of Season1, when Jeff steps out of Deepak’s House after an interaction with the Police, he describes the Streetlights Shining on his face while Ankur was looking at him from the Darker Part of the Street. It’s a clear indication that while Jeff is hiding in Plain sight, Ankur is hiding a secret.
  • Jeff is sensitive to good smell. Over the season’s he doesn’t cover’s his nose around dead bodies. But he gets irate when he first time goes to Ankur’s place because of the strong fragrances. That shows the depth of Jeff’s Psychotic Character.
  • Metaphorical Talk: In Episode2 of Season1 when the Tea Vendor Hands over the cup to Jeff, he says “Thank You” to him. At the same time, he is looking at Deepak’s Picture in the Newspaper and thanking him for dying which got Ankita closer to him. Metaphorical talks happen multiple times throughout the series.
  • In the beginning of Episode3 of Season1, Jeff takes direct references to some real crimes that had happened over the years. By saying “The people sitting around to you in a public bus might be a thinking of raping you.” He referrers to the 2012 Delhi Nirbhaya Case. “The good-looking person you see travelling in a VW Bug might be a serial murderer of his own kind.” Is a Direct Reference to Ted Bundy. “The charismatic man selling you expensive gems might be the one to kill you and dump your body in the sea.” Is a reference to Charles Sobhraj who was known as the Bikini Killer.
  • In Episode3 of the Season1, Jeff Narrates while looking at Ankita “This was the first time in my life as if I felt amazing looking into someone’s eyes. Especially after last night.” He had seen in Ankur’s Dead Mother’s Eyes the previous night. Then he says, “The warmth of her fingers on my face and nose felt different.” It’s again a reference to Ankur’s Mother’s Body as he had smelled her finger the previous night to find out if she was dead or not.
  • A lot of times, things are repeated in a Déjà vu style. For example, when Jeff gets terminated and he is leaving the office, he narrates “I saw their faces. Some of them looked upset while most of them looked happy and relieved. I guess that’s how it works in places like these.” And then when he is being rehired and called by Ankur, he narrates the whole thing in opposite direction saying “I saw their faces again. Most of them looked upset while some of them looked happy and relieved. I guess that’s how it works in places like these.”
  • Every time Jeff drinks tea or coffee, he asks it to be no sugar. Later it’s revealed that Jeff’s Parent’s suffer Diabetes which is something that can be passed from parents to Kids if not taken care. Jeff is shown taking precautions.
  • In Season1, Episode3, Ankita taunts Jeff by asking “You really think I would marry a low-life like you?” Jeff never responds to that, but that’s what she ends up becoming towards the end of the season while Jeff is shown to have gotten his life back on track.
  • In Episode3 of Season1, we get two Characters: Jeff’s bus mate, Ankit Kedia and Jeff’s School Bus Driver. We know that they both were pedophiles and sex offenders. If you read closely then it’s evident that they too had sexual relationship with each other.
  • In Episode5 of Season1, Jeff tells Ankur “… Let’s move towards Secunderabad Railway Station. We’ll end it there.” What everyone thought that he might be referring to Deepak’s Story or their trip together. While Jeff was talking about Ankur’s life. He always knew what he was doing. That was the reason why he started provoking Ankur name dropping his mother every now and then or making abrupt comments during his narration.
  • In Episode5 of Season1, Jeff suffers a concussion after the accident goes down with Ankur. That is the reason why he says the lights irritated his eyes.
  • In Episode4 of Season1, Ankur mentions that as a child, he killed a girl in Delhi and got rusticated from the school for it. There was no legal action taken against him due to lack of evidence. He was just not allowed admission in any of the schools and then relocates to Hyderabad. Later towards the end of Episode5 of Season1, when Jeff reads the newspaper, he sees, the train that ran over Ankur was named as Tirupati Humsafar Express. If you check the Indian Railways then you’ll get to know that, that train comes to Hyderabad from Delhi. The time shows as 10:55PM when the incident happens. The actual train reaches Station at 11:00PM.
  • In the finale of the Season1, Police finds a woman’s skeleton with a dog’s skeleton in Ankur’s place. The skeleton of the woman is of a Maid that went missing. In Episode4 of Season1, Ankur narrates saying “Mother beat up our maid for stealing from the house. Me and mom joked that maid is still somewhere in the backyard.” Indicating to the fact that his Mother also was a Killer.
  • We all know that Ankur was deranged. Jeff kept pointing out that he took selfies. It’s scientifically proven that people who click a lot of selfies are someone who might be dealing with mental illness.
  • Ankur is not a Psychopath. He is suffering from Schizophrenia. Its because of the same thing he hallucinates that his mother is still alive. Also, he keeps hallucinating about being killed by Jeff while nothing as such happens. Jeff gets an idea and uses it for his own advantage to get him paranoid and scare him. Even when he says narrates that he did not tie him tight enough by his neck on the driver’s seat but Ankur keeps thinking that he will die if he moves his head even by an inch. This is also an indication that Jeff withholds a lot of information about his victims even from his audience. It’s still not clear if Ankur had a father or just kept imagining one.
  • In Episode5 and 6 of Season1, there were glimpse of Ankur having an incestuous affair with his Mother.
  • In Episode5 of Season1, Ankur says “Every second with this demented man seemed like a Gas Chamber. My driver’s seat felt more like an electric chair.” Taking a direct reference to Hitler’s Gas Chambers. And Electric chair is used to carry out death sentencing of criminals. Ted Bundy was killed in an electric chair.
  • In Episode2 of Season1, when Ankur watches Deepak’s confession tape, he notices Deepak being hesitant before committing suicide. Later in Episode5 of the same season, its revealed that he was looking at his son for the last time before taking his life. His son was in Jeff’s lap.
  • In second Episode of Season1, Jeff trespasses Ankur’s home and he sees a “Beware of Dogs” sign but there’s no dog inside the property. Later in the Finale Episode of Season1, it is revealed that there was a Skeleton of a dog found buried at Ankur’s place. It was excavated with the Skeleton of the missing maid.
  • In Finale Episode of Season1, Ankita is shown to have been completely spiraled into a drugs. She has been doing Heroin with Sandy. But she was introduced to drugs by her Fiancée, Shekhar. It’s evident in Episode4 when Jeff is being rehired, he sees Ankita and narrates “Her brown complexion suddenly looked darker. Her eyes turned a bit pale with dark circles around them.” And that’s the very next day after Jeff is dumped by Ankita before her fiancée arrives. So, it’s clear that she had started doing drugs with her fiancée before she started going out with Sandy.
  • Finale Episode of Season 1 is named as “Turn it Off” which is the last thing. Jeff hears before Ankita dies. It’s a reference to Turning off the Humanity Switch in The Vampire Diaries. The humanity switch refers to the ability to shut off humanity, so the person don’t have to deal with emotions anymore. Sandy says that to Ankita but metaphorically it refers to Jeff.
  • In the beginning of the Last Episode of Season 1, Jeff describes his love for Ankita to be the last thing holding him close to his humanity. He is seen fighting between the lover(good) and hater(evil) in him throughout the Episode. The Good then starts to shatter towards the end when he sees Ankita with Sandy. He tries to fight the devil in himself when he tries to help Ankita while she vomits. But the devil finally overpowers him and lets her die in front of him.
  • In the Second Episode when Jeff enters Ankita’s place, its brightly lit up. In the Third Episode of the same season, the room is dim lit when Jeff gets know that Ankita was cheating. In the Last Episode of season one, it’s all Dark. It shows the Irony of Ankita’s character that how drastically it went from a Pleasant Woman to a Darker Side.
  • The street outside Ankita’s Home: In the Episode2 of season1, Jeff describes the street as brightly lit up even at 11PM in the Night. In the Third Episode of season1, Jeff describes that there were less people near Ankita’s house during the Daytime. And in the Finale Episode of Season1, he comes there, and the Area is Empty at about 9:30PM in the evening. That too depicts the Transition of Ankita’s Character.
  • Jeff stops crying as he says his last drop of tears fell on Ankita’s hand. It’s a representation that with Ankita, Jeff’s emotions died too. By the end of the season, he loses his humanity and turns into a monster after letting the woman he loved die in front of him.
  • Ankita’s Death is similar to Jane’s Death Scene in Breaking Bad.
  • It’s evident that Jeff says, “They Need to GO.” To his victims. He says that to himself when he sees Ankita with Sandy. And that happens when the good in him completely dies.

So… That was the end of the List people. That was the writer being the most creative he could. Do let us know in the comments which one you saw coming and which was unexpected. Share my Story with as many people as possible. And wait for me for the next Season. The Spree will Continue in The City of Joy.

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