Is it easy to leave?

Ever since you turn into a teenager, the word “Happy ending ” pops in and out of your head. We’ve all witnessed this dilemma in life : to stay or to leave. Leaving things midway aren’t easy at all. Leaving people halfway means walking the way ahead with only their memories. It takes a lot of strength to declutter emotions we attach to people. But sometimes we need to break the web of tangles and come out of that world. Chasing people is important. But choosing bonds that press us beneath the layers, making us forget ourselves is a crime

There are times when people leave us and we leave them. Crippling bonds with people with whom we have believed to live love makes us guilty. But we don’t have to be perfect when it comes to holding relationships. If it is meant to be,it will find ways to embrace you. The absence of people need not make us miserable. Love yourself, prioritize yourself and find your purpose.

We make mistakes sometimes. We give people the keys to the doorways of our happiness and when things go wrong, every second of distance feels like an eternity apart. The gap grows up, almost solid. It’s okay to feel that way. Some mistakes pave way for bigger life lessons to drive in. It’s okay to lose yourself only to find yourself again. But not all the time. Choose your happiness before everything else. Because this is reality. You need to walk alone . You need to rebel solo. It is only easy to leave others when you have “you” with yourself.

Brighter wishes for 2021!

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