I don’t write about you often
I decided to write one
on your last birthday
But I was so full with emotions
that words started drying off in my tongue.
Maa, the first time I got my heart broken,
I wanted to rush into your arms and ask you,
“Why do we wish to own those places where we don’t belong to?”
that love walks in with a familiar scent,
and leaves millions of lost broken stories dance in the wind
and I wanted you to teach me
How to stop shedding tears
when the bustle of rain throbs against my breathe
That how to stop longing a piece of world,that
I wanted to make mine and move without it,
cause silence is sometimes the biggest response,Maa
But Maa ,
I could never ask you
But mothers know everything, right?
Cause Baba says I have a pair of expressive eyes.
And you nod, in agreement .

Adulting is really tough, Maa
What the millenials call a boon is a punishment to me.
My poems elaborate the miseries of star- crossed lovers,
And I have grown so attached to my characters, that
I almost forgot to write stories
about the bitter distance between a daughter and a womb,
That Raised her for nine months.
You’re the worst liar
The speckles of innocence you corner in your eyes,
feels Like a dreamy bulbul
darting on a pleasant summer morning
happy, frenzy, joyful and all of those adjectives
sparking a delight behind the plumpy cheeks and intricate eyes.
I want to tell you that
You don’t really need to act strong
even when you submerge depths of tears behind those eyes.
Those tears, yes, there, right behind those glitzy curtains, let them out.
It’s okay to tell me
That heartbreaks for a mother can be lonelier too.
I wish I could always hold you tightly
Like the paper heart I hold in my sleeves
And never let you go,
I wish that ageing was a dream,
But it is the only unconquerable truth
That cannot be hidden behind the eyes.

if distance turns us
Into two strangers again
After all of this is over,
Will you still understand me by looking into my eyes?
You will.
Cause isn’t that the only language we both love to speak?
and in a thousand smiles of yours
When you try to tell me that healing is easy,
I’ll deny that Cause
I know it hurts you too when
I get my heart broken ,
A million stabs occur on your heart.
Isn’t it, Maa?

  • Indrakshi ( तुझे सब है पता है ना माँ? )

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