10 Things My Mother should’ve Taught Me as a Kid

1. Failures aren’t fatal.

The low grades don’t decay your image anyways. Ten years from now, you won’t frown at those grades. But go through it. For it is a part of the journey.

2. Learning how to forgive

It is an angelic trait. It is a tiny act. But most of your emotions will tell you that it is difficult. Try it once. Feel its beauty and then, maybe you can forgive those emotions for saying you otherwise.

3. It may be achingly brutal

to hear but once, in a lifetime, you should get your heart broken. Love without grief, seems incomplete.

4. You will get your first heartbreak at 18 or 19.

He will break your heart for her or you will break his . Cry, cry your heart out, but ” Love comes again”. You will chase those butterflies again.

5. Choose a few friends over the lot.

You might fail initially at choosing the right ones but hey, as they start listening to your mundane routines, random crushes and sad breakups, hold their hands and cherish them forever.

6. Lovers are meant to live together and part ways.

But never abandon a best friend. You’ll be the luckiest when you have one. trust that fool. Love that idiot for he/she will love you the most but barely show you.

7. Open your heart to someone,

A stranger at times, when you feel too crowded within. Remember, sorrows are best endured when shared. Pressing tears and trapping gloom only multiplies the pain inside.

8. Develop a hobby.

Play the guitar strings, sing the opera tune, learn a language or write. Hobbies dole out the best of you in days when you feel pathetic.

9. Help yourself.

At your lows, there will be people or there won’t be any. Pamper yourself with your favorite chocolate lava cake or a cup of masala chai when you feel aloof or helpless.

10. The most important but not the least,

Don’t be in a rush to grow up. Live the day. Live today to your heart’s content. Do some mistakes and embrace as those are yours.

“Babumoshai zindagi badi honi chahiye, lambi nahi”

(A Tiny secret)
  • Indrakshi Guha

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