The Last Train

The last train is waiting for me

To take me to my destination,

Weird, but true, I’m excited for it- you see;

As I’ve heard it does set you free without any compulsion.

Mortal woes and sufferings which we endure in the lifetime

Doesn’t make a way in this path,

It feels as if I am going to have-

A newly baptizing bath.

Greeted by fellow passengers,

I mistook them as my clones!

I glanced at my wrinkled and chapped flesh-

Which once nested a prized wealth called health

And now rests amidst- a bag of bones.

This last train would be my last journey

Life has to offer me without any “money”;

A slideshow of my whole life waiting to blur my eyes for one last time

Reminiscences of saintly deeds and crime.

Time, oh that dingy prick of mortals-

I tell you all now,

Squeeze out each millisecond of your life

Spend it, don’t waste it, use it , don’t neglect it,

Bridge the gaps, mend any strife(with)

Friends and loved ones- they make our lives lit.

(Oh your) Sullen faces, swollen cheeks

Eyelids heavy with the synchronous sobs;

Still you can’t be a part of this journey today.

Although I wish-

You’ll get to board this train one day.

My old pals are waiting, they took this train much ago;

To greet and reassure me-

That little has changed between them and me.

Sooner or later you’ll be en-route

On this very train just like me,

I promise I’ll be there for you waiting at the station

And you’ll see-

Life is just a journey

Nourished by people you part with and meet;

It’s your own possession,

Which will be only yours to keep.

I’m afraid any seat is vacant now,

Sorry but you’ll have to muddle through –

Be sure to reach for your dreams

You know I’ll be around- watching you (from above).

Now its really hard for me to accept this ending,

It’s my time to leave,

Compose your means to the reception fellas’-

Enjoy my drinks to the fullest- well they are free!

  • Written by Shankhyadip

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