LURK | Season-1 | Episode 5: They All Go Down Same Way

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(Ankur’s Narration)

My hands were numb as being stuck to the steering the whole time. My shoulders pained so bad that I felt I’ll be disarmed by now. I just wanted to run away from my own car. Go back home and be with my Mother, wash her, clean her, feed her, get her to sleep beside me, read stories to her and then have a good night sleep. I wanted to do so much yet; I could do nothing.

When Jeff grabbed me in the evening by my tie, I was quiet sure that he is going to kill me. After getting to know this monster, I have no idea what exactly is going through his mind. I had no idea what was to come next. I had no idea if I will be out of this alive. I had no idea if I will be killing someone else or be the one to get killed. I was just hoping that whatever happens, happen soon. I just wanted to get over with it as soon as possible. I did not want this to continue further.

I could not contact anyone. My cellphone was thrown out of the car. My car was in a total mess. The windshield was all destroyed. There was blood all over it. There was blood on my hands. I regretted going behind Jeff when Deepak asked me to. I should have not helped Deepak frame him. I put myself in this situation and now I could not bail out of it.

Every second with this demented creature seemed like a Gas Chamber. My driver’s seat felt more like an electric chair. I could not look at him because he had tied my neck so tight to the seat. I might die if I tried to move but what I saw from the side of my eyes was the fact that this guy was really enjoying whatever was happening here. He was relaxed. Smiling and humming whatever played on the radio.

“Radio 101.9 News!” Played on the radio and they kept giving random news about Politics and Movie Industry. “Who fucking cares!?!?!” Ranted Jeff listening to it. “Crime news: A man was run down by a black SUV at Banjara Hills at exactly 10:05PM today. The police are looking for the car. Passerby reported the number plate to be AP13D0213. If you find the car then please do report that to the nearest police station.” Announcement made on the radio.

“That’s my car number.” I told Jeff and he looked at me. “Okay! Stop the car.” He told me and I stopped. I had no choice anyways. Jeff opened the desk board and found a screwdriver there. He stepped outside the car and took the car keys with him. He then removed the number plates from front and back. Then he tossed them on the side of the road somewhere in the fields. He came back and sat in the car, put the keys back in the ignition and then asked me to drive.

“Where are we going now?” I asked him. “I don’t know. I’ve never seen how this road leads to Hi Tech City. Could you show me that?” He asked me. “Actually yes. Let’s go that way. And no need to stop at red lights. It’s a quiet night. They won’t be stopping you.” He said and I turned my car towards that road. “You said you’ll tell me how you killed Deepak that day.” I reminded him and he became irate. “I didn’t kill anyone. How many fucking times do I tell you? They all…” I interrupted him. “Kill themselves. Yes, I remember that. How did Deepak do that? How did he kill himself?” I asked him and he smiled.

“You remember Deepak’s confession tape?” He asked me. “How can I forget that!?!” I replied. “You have seen it multiple times, didn’t you? You enjoyed watching it? Must be like a soap opera for you.” He was joking about it. I felt really disgusting with the way he kept behaving. He was so proud that he got away with it in plain sight and there was not a single evidence found.

“You guys were too stupid to overlook the biggest evidence that I left for all of you. Deepak was already telling you that I was the one behind all this.” He said and then I remembered the confession tape. I remembered Deepak telling “And today I got someone terminated. Only because he was trying to steal a girl from me. I manipulated the management to get him out. That’s killing me now.” I finally realized “He was trying to tell us what was happening with him.” I found myself murmur.

(Jeff’s Narration)

“Yessss! It’s because of idiots like you, I hide in plain sight. I could have been caught but I knew you dumbfucks would never be able to do that. I stared in the eyes of Inspector Girish and told him that I did not killed Deepak because I never killed him. I was just watching him take his own life and I enjoyed every fucking moment of it.” I kept on ranting.

“You know its quiet easy to create an illusion. Especially for people like you, and Deepak. Doesn’t require any sort of magic trick or voodoo dolls. I just have to make you guys feel like you’ve won the battle. You’ll eventually forget about people like me within minutes. Just when you get comfortable. Just when you think that the danger has ended. Just when you feel invincible… I strike and take you down.” I explained to him.

“That’s what happened with Deepak. That’s what happened with you. You guys where in your place. You now knew that I will be harmless. You believed that you’re safe now. Right then I struck, and I loved the fear in your eyes looking at me at that moment.” I added. “What did you do with him.” He asked. “You really want to know?” I asked him playfully and could feel anger building up in him.

“Okay I’ll narrate it to you. I decided that Deepak will die right before leaving the office. So, I waited for him to leave the office. I had to take care of the Police too. I knew they will be getting involved. So, I left my phone under a flower vase in the backside of the building. No one comes there so I was ready to take my chances. I followed Deepak all the way to his home. By the time I reached, his wife was going for work. I let her leave. I didn’t want her to be the part of the show. That was for me alone.” I started my narration while Ankur kept driving.

“I saw Deepak move to the upper part of the bungalow. I entered the home once I made sure he was not there for a while. I removed my shoes at the gate. I didn’t want to leave any footprints. I just needed to check if there was someone else at home or not. I slowly checked all the rooms. There was a room in the corner. I went and peeped in and saw that it was his son’s. He was sitting there minding his business.” I said and I saw Ankur’s eyes widening.

“Don’t worry I didn’t kill him. That was my leverage. I let him mind his business and moved to the upper part and entered Deepak’s Room. Deepak was in the shower. I had time to prepare.” I continued my narration. “Only an Evil would think of using a kid as a leverage!?! Don’t you have any humanity? What kind of a person are you!?!?!” Ankur said. “Your kind. Deepak’s kind.” I told him and he tried to argue. “I’m not like Deepak.” He said and I slapped him again. “Shut the fuck up!” I asked him to be quiet.

“I moved back to the Kid’s room and saw there was a glass of milk on the table and the kid was gone. I could not see him. I moved further and looked inside. The kid was removing something from his closet. His back was facing me. Without making any noise, I moved slowly and spiked the milk with 2 sleeping tablets. I knew he would be out for a while. Deepak will peacefully be able to die.” I said as we reached Hi Tech City.

“This place looks good. Now let’s move towards Secunderabad Railway Station.” I instructed him and then continued with my narration. “Deepak came out of the shower, 15minutes later. I was ready for him in his room. I came from behind and caught him by the neck and choked him. Surprisingly it was easy. People are not alert at home you see. I kept choking him to a point where he goes unconscious. Once he was out, I pulled him down to the hallway where his body was later found. Bastard was extremely heavy. I also had to make sure that I don’t injure
him on the way.” I narrated.

“I made him sit on the Sofa and tied him by his hands and chained his legs with luggage chain I found in the kitchen. I didn’t want him to move. Then I got his son on the sofa right opposite to him. His son was fast asleep. I went to the fridge in the kitchen. Took a bottle of Old Monk and a glass for him. Then I got two ice cold bottles of water and emptied one of them on Deepak. He woke up all startled. Looking at me in shock and anger.” I said as we drove towards Secunderabad Station.

“I loved seeing the shock in his eyes when he looked at me. But he was angry. I didn’t like him being angry. I needed him to be upset, crying, downright depressed and begging me. I needed to pull him to his breaking point. I needed to make sure that he was under my control. I needed to make sure that he would do everything that I tell him to do. Just like you’re doing right now.” I told Ankur and he looked at me from the side of his eyes. “My little bitch!” I told him and I was glad that he was getting angrier.

“And You would use his son to do that.” He guessed. “Yesss! It didn’t take much long. Although he kept talking, I slapped him a couple of times to calm down. I wanted to punch him, but could not. That would have wounded him for the police to notice. I made sure that I terrorize him. So, once he was quiet, I went and sat with his kid on my lap. Fast asleep.” I continued.

“Deepak didn’t know what I would do with him or his son. He tried to threaten me that he will kill me if do anything to his son. So, I took out the knife that I got from his kitchen and was holding it in my hand. Deepak struggled for a while to free himself but couldn’t. All he did was look at his kid on my lap and the knife in my hand.” I kept narrating.

“I asked him if he would like a drink, but he refused. I insisted. Afterall, this was the last day he was drinking. He kept threatening me that he will kill me. He tried to break loose but couldn’t. I made him understand that. I then just moved the knife on his son’s hand saying I was curious to see how he would look without a hand. That was when Deepak was filled with fear. His anger now turned into despair. He would do anything to save his kid.” I continued with my Saga.

“Deepak then offered me to get me back to work. He said he will leave Ankita alone. He just wanted his son safe. Idiot was still thinking that I was doing all this over a slut and a shitty job.” I said. “That was not the reason for what you did to Deepak?” Ankur asked me and I looked at him in astonishment. I was amazed at the level of their stupidity.

“You all are so stupid. Deepak died because of what he did with my brother. I don’t give a shit about that woman or that job. I would have let it go if that was the case. But no one fucks with my family. If they do, they die.” I told him. “It was always between me and Deepak when it came about the girl. He should have kept it that way. He shouldn’t have got my brother involved. He got my brother involved. Then manipulated people by saying that he was not good enough for the job. Mocked him saying that he stuttered on the call. Only because I made it difficult for him to get a girl.” I explained it to him.

“I never knew any of this.” Ankur said. “Yet you helped him.” I replied. “He was my friend” was Ankur’s fucking explanation. “Well, your friend is fucking dead.” I responded. “I don’t give a shit. You fucked with my family. Now you pay. End of all stories… And fucking lives.” I replied and he shut up.
“I still remember the look on your friend’s face. Motherfucker started to have tears in his eyes. He could not look at what was in front of him. He just looked down like a helpless bloke. His son in my lap. Me with a knife.” I described the situation at that moment and it still made me so happy.

“All he could do now was beg me to let his son go. I explained him why he was stuck in that fucking room with me. Honestly, I should have never saved Ankita.” I told Ankur. “He desperately wanted to make me realize that his son had nothing to do with what was between us. As if my brother did. He said families should not be involved in a fight between men over a girl. Well, he was the one who first involved the families.” I added.

“I actually loved his desperation at that time. He had been acting so powerful all this while. As if he could do anything. As if he would get away with shit and no one would ever get back at him just because he was the authority. All you guys go down the same way. By someone like me.” I told Ankur and he too looked down now.

“He realized that he brought it all on himself. He realized he should have let it go. He shouldn’t have done what he did with my brother. He shouldn’t have done what he did with me. But it was too late to apologize or take things back now.” I narrated. “For me family always comes first. Had Deepak understood that in the first place, he would have not gone behind Ankita. Then I told him that I would be killing his son and his wife in front of him.” I said and Ankur shouted at my abruptness. “Kabiiir!!!” He yelled.

“Sorry, that was quick.” I said and laughed to his anger. “Alright! Don’t worry. You saw the kid. I never killed him. Not even a scratch. I was just loving the part where Deepak suffered so much, and he started to beg in front of me to let his family go. But then I told him that if he killed himself, I would grant his wish. They will be unharmed. He said he would do anything to keep them safe. I felt bad for him. I mean if they were so important to him then why would he cheat on them?” I questioned.

“I then kept the knife on the side, made the kid sleep on the couch and got up. I came forward and untied Deepak’s hands. I was just helping him take his life. But he tried to grab me by the neck and grapple me. With the other hand he was trying to take the knife in his hand. Bastard started yelling that he would kill me but couldn’t do much with his legs chained. I had an easy shot. I punched him in the balls and then stomach, and he was done. He writhed in pain. I just moved away and sat in front of him on the ground catching my breathe.” I narrated the incident.

“He would not give in so easily. I needed to make sure that he is completely broken. I got up in a fit of rage and got back to his son. I grabbed the knife and put it on his neck in front of Deepak and he shouted in fear.” I said and could see tears in Ankur’s eyes now. “Honestly I lost control for a moment. I was about to stab the kid. But I stopped.” I said.

“But that was it. That was the moment he knew that he was done. He needed to do what I ask him to do. He kept crying and regretting everything he has done so far. I then placed the knife in front of him. He picked it up in his hands. But then I stopped him.” I said.

“I wanted the world to know who Deepak Reddy was. I wanted the world and most fucking importantly his wife to know why he deserved to die. So, I switched on the camera on his phone and placed it in front of him and asked him to record a farewell message to the world and to his wife and kid.” I added.

“I made him record the whole message that will act as the video evidence that it was a suicide. I thought he was making shit up about fucking and cheating around but then it turned out to be true. I realized, he had accepted his fate and wanted to spill all the secrets he has been hiding all these years. He kept drinking neat the whole time. I let him take it all in. Afterall that was the last thing he would consume.” I said as we were about to move to the fun part.

“Once he was done with the video, he picked up the knife and got it near his hand. I had his kid sitting on my lap. Still asleep. He never knew what was going on the whole time. I picked one of his kid’s hand and kept waving his daddy goodbye. He did hesitate for a while. But I had a screwdriver in my hand. I placed it on the side of his son’s neck. Deepak knew that he had no way out.” I narrated and the situation with Ankur too was getting intense. He was slowly getting where I needed him to be.

“And then it happened. He cut open his wrist. I saw closely his wrist open, and blood gushed out of it. Slowly it started coming out profusely and started spreading out on the floor. His hand was in front. He was still alive. He wanted it to stop. He wanted to go back in time and change what he has done but he could not do it. He regretted dying. But he was dying. I saw the life slowly coming out of his teary eyes. He slowly fell off the sofa on the granite tiles and started to tremble. The camera fell off. I was the one to stop the recording carefully without being noticed.” I narrated how Deepak took his last breath. I still feel so fucking empowered.

“I then got up and unchained his legs. Thank god the blood had not yet reached that part of the floor. So, it was quiet easy for me to do it. Before I left the place, I kept the chain back to where it was. I made his kid sleep unevenly on the bed. Once he wakes up, he’ll think that he dozed off. And then I left. I returned to office. I entered from the back. No one spotted me. I took my phone and just waited for all the fun to begin.” I completed my narration.

There was a long silence from Ankur’s end after that. He didn’t speak. “Why so silent? You didn’t like the story?” I asked him. Yet he never replied. “Hey!” I said and slapped him casually, yet he never reacted. “You dead too? You see your Mom talking? Is Deepak banging her too?” I asked him to try to provoke him. I mean obviously he was about to die but since he was still alive, he could talk to me. “You are the ugliest, most horrible and disgusting piece of shit that I have ever come across.” Ankur replied and that gave me a laughter.

“I know. I’m like democracy. I’m because of you. For you. By You. If people like Deepak exist, then there are people like me to balance the whole thing.” I told him. “Even if that means snatching away a parent from an innocent child?” He asked. “Look who’s talking!?!?! Another piece of shit who uses his Mother’s Corpse as a rag doll around his fucking house.” I provoked Ankur again. I didn’t know if it was working or not.

“Deepak got you kicked out of the company. He made a mistake. He shouldn’t have done that.” Ankur said. “Oh! You agree? Where’s the champagne!?!?!” I said sarcastically. “Yeah! He should have killed you instead. That would have been better for the world.” He said as we were somewhere near Secunderabad Station. There were tracks on the side of this empty road.

“Well, he didn’t. That’s why he is dead.” I said. “I know… But I’ll do it.” Ankur said and with an abrupt move he twisted the steering violently. The car now turned suddenly and before I knew it, we had hit one of the train tracks and now the car was rolling over. I could feel the thud every time the roof hit the ground and it bounced in the air. I could feel the roof coming close to my head every time that happened. I had the seatbelt on. I left my body loose so that I don’t sustain many injuries. I then felt as if we touched a track as the car rolled over and then it stopped. It was now upside down. We were on the side of the track now.

That was fucking not expected. I could feel a single stream of blood coming out of my head. I checked beside me and Ankur was unconscious. Hands still glued with duct tape and tie stuck with his neck. There was blood on his nose and mouth. I struggled to extend my hand towards him. I checked his neck, and I could feel the pulses. I needed to get rid of him now. At the same time, I didn’t want anyone to know where he is. I searched his pockets and found his wallet in the back pocket of his trouser. I removed it and kept it in my pocket. I looked at the desk board in front of me broken. I put my hand inside and there was nothing.

I remember him throwing his office bag in the backseat when he entered the car. I needed to do some more work. I somehow gained composure and first unbuckled myself from the seatbelt. I checked with my legs and they were moving well. They didn’t break. I turned around and realized this SUV was fucking huge.

I moved my hand behind and could not get anything. I did not bring my phone and threw this idiot’s phone out. I didn’t even have a flashlight. I was worried if someone might come and save this guy. In midst of everything, I could hear the train’s horn going off. I looked around and the train was approaching towards us.

I then struggled and went to the back seat looking for the bag. It was pitch black and I was blindly searching in darkness. I could feel the ground vibrating and the train approaching us. I needed to make it quick. I had alive parents and siblings waiting for me back home. People would ask questions if I disappeared.

My side of the gate was already broken. I could pull this off. I kicked the door open and started crawling out of the car. I looked to my right and there it was. The train approached at full speed. It was fucking hypnotic. I didn’t want to look at it till the time I was safe. I almost came out of the car and half of my body was between the tracks when I realized that one of my leg had been stuck somewhere. I turned around and could see Ankur had broken free from the duct tape and was holding my leg. No idea how he did that. I was not wasting time to find that out. I just needed to get out of here and get rid of him.

“Fucking bullshit!” I yelled and I started pulling myself out of the car with as much force as possible. I knew he could not stop me for long because he was severely injured. But the guy was tough. He didn’t give up till the end. I was now in between the tracks while Ankur’s half body was on one of the tracks. The train would come any moment and I would be run over by it while Ankur might get cut into two. It was fucking scary. I had less than a minute to move out of the way.

I could feel the train getting closer and honking as loud as they could. Its front light looked more like a spotlight as I was almost about to get run over. This guy would never let me go. I was panicking now. I was desperate. I looked around and grabbed a huge stone and turned around and threw it in Ankur’s face as hard as I could.

As soon as I felt him loosening up on me for a second, I sprung out of and jumped off the tracks. I felt the train moving in as I was in the air moving out of the way. “You Motherfucker!!!” I heard the driver hurling a profanity at me. It missed me by a microsecond. I felt its impact in the wind as it went past me. There was a chopping sound as the train passed by where I was.

I landed on the side of the tracks and laid on the stones catching my breath. I was sweating. I turned around and looked right below the train, Ankur finally meeting his fate. Half of his body was being chopped off into pieces. I could see blood spilling all over from between the tracks. The whole place started to smell of hot blood. It took forever for the train to leave. The passengers were looking at me. The driver was so fucking relentless that he did not even stop the train to look who was being minced under it. He continued till he was gone and there was just silence.

I stood up and checked for wounds or broken bones as I slowly moved forward to Check with Ankur. I don’t think I sustained serious injuries. I just had pain all over my body for being so crazy. Plus, I was sweating profusely, had tears in eyes and a visible cut in the head. And for no good reason, the light around now looked brighter. So bright that it was uneasy to look at them.

I moved forward to look and could only see half of Ankur’s body stuck in the car. The remaining body was all on the track and it was beyond recognition. I stood there looking at it for a while. There was blood all over the place and it continued to flow. There were organs scattered. There were intestines hanging. I didn’t even know where the fuck did his face go. This looked fucking horrific. No one will be able to find out where was Ankur. I had his bag and wallet with me.

“I told you… You all go down the same way.” I heard myself say. “Convey my regards to your Mother and your Friend.” I added as I was still catching my breath. The car was all fucked up. It could not be used anymore. I needed to leave now before anyone would come.

I could see men running towards the broken-down car. They might have been informed by someone. I made sure that I was not seen there anymore and fled the scene. First thing I did was find a tap somewhere to wash off the blood. Once I was clean enough, I came out of that place and checked Ankur’s wallet. I took out all the money because I didn’t have enough. It took a while for me to get a cab and then I returned home.

By the time I came back, everyone was asleep. I used my spare key to get in without making any noise. I wish I could sleep too but, I didn’t want to take any more chances with Ankur’s bag. I grabbed my Dad’s car and moved out with the bag. I went to Gandipet, which is in the other part of the city to dump the bag. It was a fucking dam. By the time people would realize that Ankur was gone, his stuff would either be under the dam or in a different world.

I made sure that I break Ankur’s laptop before dumping it piece by piece in the water. I then threw his wallet, laptop charger, phone charger and a power bank. There was a cigarette box left, I kept it with me. I lit a cigarette and then thew Ankur’s bag finally before smoking to glory. Smoking after knowing that the person who hates you so much is now no more a problem for you is the best feeling ever. I reached back home to catch some sleep. I had the most peaceful sleep that night.

I woke up in the morning and saw that Dad and brother were about to leave for Kolkata. “When did that happen? You guys never told me.” I said. “It happened quite a while back but Sir you’re never at home to talk.” Dad replied sarcastically followed by a long lecture about taking care of mom and sister while he was gone. Me and brother had a talk about him managing Dad’s Diabetic Meds there while I did the same here for Mom.

“Also, son! You too need to pack up. We’ll be moving to Kolkata soon. Maybe in the next three months.” Dad told me. I felt happy about it. I loved that place. I had my uncles staying there all these years. Thinking about this I picked up the newspaper and there he was, “Unknown man run over by Tirupati Humsafar Express at 10:55PM near Sec’bad Station.”
That was enough news for today for me. Today will be an amazing day. Also, I will be leaving this place soon. Well! Kolkata it is! City of Joy. I can’t wait to be there. So, I had ample amount of time here in Hyderabad before I one final goodbye.

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